Wednesday, 11 July 2007

from KSLIA Chairman

KSLIA Chair would like to respond to your concerns and comments.

I appreciate your comments on pricing. In my many years of Interpreting it has been my understanding that the pricing for interpretation service is the right of the Interpreter as the professional. Similar to Doctors, Lawyers and Teachers Interpreters deserve to be paid fair wages for their hard earned sweat!!

Personally for many years I have provided FREE interpretation for the Deaf in Hospitals, Police cells, on the streets, churches, weddings and in schools, I know my fellow interpreters do the same even though the Deaf consumers rearly appreciate this fact.

KSLIA is however working with Interpreters and the Deaf Consumers to make sure the charges are reasonable and just both to the consumer and for the Interpreter. KSLIA would like to inform the Deaf community in Kenya that according to the People with Disabilities Act 2003 says that it is the responsibility of the Company, hospital, school or institution's RESPONSIBILITY PROVIDE INTERPRETERS FOR THEIR SERVICES TO BE ACCESSIBLE. It is therefore not the fault of the Interpreter to charge you when you contract them personally.

Next time you go to hospital or school please DEMAND FOR AN INTERPRETER AND TELL THEM ABOUT THE ACT!!!!

As far as the charges for the language learning is concearned...It is a shame that KSL is being taught by a few individuals yet Kenya has many able Deaf who can teach the language. I would encourage you to establish a quality training program teaching fluent KSL signers and charge fair prices just an example French lessons cost about Ksh. 500 per hour...KSL can be taught in the same rate.

Thanks for the concearns and hope you will take action and not sit back complain complain and make no progress.

Feeel free to contact the association for any help and for free interpretation on humanitarian basis! If you do not get help I personally will Interpret for FREE....thanks

KSLIA Chairman.