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more on Kenya Deaf Welfare Society

that is found at:



Kenya Deaf Welfare Society

PO Box 13756 -00800
Nairobi 254


Telephone: (254) 0721-564672
Alternate Telephone: (254) 0722-452924
undeafken@yahoo.com; nicedeaf@yahoo.com

The mission of the Kenya Deaf Welfare Society is to enable the Deaf in Kenya to overcome limitations and empower them in order to gain full participation, equalization of opportunities both economically and for their social well-being. The Kenya Deaf Welfare Society areas of expertise are: capacity building, sign language and interpreter training, and establishing programs.

The Kenya Deaf Welfare Society offers the following services: Business and Employment programs, adult education, leadership training, advocacy / lobbying / public policy, peer support, awareness raising, health education (HIV/AIDS and reproductive health), youth with disabilities, refugees, and for the Deaf Blind.

Kenya Deaf Welfare Society

MZEE BUBU wants to know if the organisation is real?

Kenya Deaf Welfare Society - Evanson N. Karanja. Contact via undeaf@yahoo.com

please let MZEE BUBU know!

Dinah Achieng's poem

Dinah Achieng of Kenya

Dinah chose to tell her story in the form of a poem, which is entitled:

(to be found at www.idcs.info)


You have to be deaf to understand

What is it like to “hear “ a hand
You have to be deaf to understand

What is it like to be a small child
In a school, in a room void of sound,
With a teacher who talks and talks and talks
And when she does come round to you
She expects you to know what she’s said?
You have to be deaf to understand

Or the teacher that thinks that to make you smart
You must first learn to talk with your voice
So mumbo jumbo with hands on your face
For hours and hours without patience or end
Until out comes a faint resembling sound
You have to be deaf to understand

What is it like to be curious
To thirst for knowledge you can call your own
With an inner desire that‘s sister or friend
Who looks in answer and says “never mind”
You have to be deaf to understand

What’s it like in a corner to stand
Though there is nothing you’ve done really wrong
Other than try to make use of your hands
To a silent peer to communicate
A thought that’s come to your mind all at once.
You have to be deaf to understand

What’s it like to be shouted at
When one thinks that will help you hear
Or misunderstand the words of a friend
Who is trying to make a joke clear
And you don’t get the point because he has failed
You have to be deaf to understand

What is it like to be laughed in the face
When you try to repeat what is said.
Just to make sure that you’ve understood,
And you find that the words were misread
And you want to cry out, “Please help me friend”
You have to be deaf to understand

What is it like to have to depend
On one who can hear to phone a friend,
Or place a call to a business firm
And be forced to share what is personal and
Then find out your message wasn't made clear
You have to be deaf to understand

What is it like to be deaf and alone
In the company of those who can hear
And you can only guess as you go along
For no one’s there with a helping hand
As you try to keep up with words and song
You have to be deaf to understand

What is it like on the road of life
To meet with a stranger who opens his mouth
And speaks out a line art a rapid pace
And you can’t understand the look in his face
Because it is new and you’re lost in the race
You have to be deaf to understand

What’s it like to comprehend
Some nimble fingers that paint the scene
And make you smile and feel seen
With the “spoken word” of moving hand
That makes you part of the world at large
You have to be deaf to understand

What is it like to hear a hand?
Yes, you have to be deaf to understand.

Monday, 26 February 2007

Anthony Nderitu writes...

Beautiful Wedding bells from the Kerugoya Deaf Community.

February 17th 2007 will remain the biggest day in the calendar of the deaf of Kirinyaga District and indeed the Africa. only three days after the ring bells of valentive ended love was expressed at its best by the most beautiful wedding in the years 2007. The wedding was between couple that is deaf, Patrick and Wambui who were joined in Holy matrimony by Pastor Paul Njatha, himself Deaf, and the Rev Pastor of PCEA church at Kerugoya.

The District is the only one in Central Province that has had no church for the deaf for a long time. Committee members of Central Kenya Deaf Association were especially concerned by this situation, considering that the headquarters of the association is in the District. After all were in agreement that a church for the deaf was required within the District, the next problem was venue.

The committee sort the assistance of a teacher at Kerugoya School for the Deaf, Ms. Margaret Waithera, who is an active member of PCEA church at Kerugoya and presently the matron of the deaf church. The later approached the PCEA church committee which had no hesitation in agreeing to provide a venue. The final problem was identification of a preacher. One member of the church, Mr Patrick Chanari, had preached before, at Karatina, Nyeri and other places. One snag though, he had not conducted a church wedding, which is necessary for one who is married to play an active role in the PCEA church.

That's how arrangements for the wedding began. Ms Waithira approached members of PCEA Kerugoya church for financial help. They all said they were willing to help. So were members of neighbouring churches such as Githioro and Kamuruga. Initially the wedding had been fixed for November 2006 but there were some problems encountered. Patrick had not yet taken dowry to the parents of the bride, a must in Kikuyu customary marriage.

The wedding was finally slated for 17th February 2007. There were several hitches on the way, mainly brought about by parents of the bride. First, the grooms parents found it difficult to pay the dowry the parents of the groom were asking for. Once again members of PCEA Kerugoya church came in to the rescue and donated the necessary items.

Thanks to Ms Waithera, all preparations went smoothly. We invited all the deaf whom we knew, and all the churches we had contacts with. On the big Day, Saturday February 17th, we all gathered at Ms Waithera's house. Some women members of Kerugoya and Kamuruga PCEA had been at the venue, Kerugoya PCEA church, all night to do the cooking. May these kind people be blessed. Some members of the deaf churches at Karatina, Kiambu and Nyeri attended.

The Best Man was the writer of this story, Anthony Nderitu, and the Best maid was Bilha Wambui, a close friend of the bride. In the bridal party were Esther, Njeri, Loise, Wangari, Muriithi, Irungu, Samuel among others, all of them deaf and active members of Kerugoya Deaf Church.

We set off from Ms Waithira's house in a convoy of seven vehicles, all of them donated free of charge by members of PCEA church, save for one from Kerugoya School for the Deaf, at exactly 11.15 am. After some introductions and orientations at the pastors office, we set off for the main service.

The wedding was conducted by Pastor Paul Njatha, himself Deaf, and the Rev Pastor of PCEA church at Kerugoya. Everything went according to the book. The entire congregation, comprising both the deaf and the hearing, was able to follow everything thanks to the excellent interpretation from Margret Muthoni, Bonnie Mbari and Eunice Kasisi. Also the wedding was covered by newsmen from Kenya Television Network (KTN) and Standard Newspapers.

Songs were conducted by the choir of PCEA church. Nyeri Deaf church, which is also under PCEA, conducted a nice dance on salvation. So was the Kerugoya Deaf church, which 'sang', "Only you Lord can Save me!" Pupils of Kerugoya School for the Deaf, who were all there at the church, also danced for the newly weds.

There were plenty of Drama too by the deaf. The most moving one, which kept the crowd on its feet, was by Mwangi and Jane. The two did a pantomime on man and wife who rarely talked, with the man hiding his face behind a newspaper or being fixated to the TV while the woman is trying to explain the problems of the house. Once the man came late and the wife want to know why. The man brushes the wife's questioning with the quip that its none of her business!!

Pastor Paul led the newly weds in reciting of the vows and exchange of the rings. Before that, he explained to the congregation that the meaning of the ring was one word, love. The bible reading was a verse on creation, that ended with the verse, "for that reason man shall leave his father and mother and be united with his wife". This was followed by a drama as always happen in sermons for the deaf to make the reading more clear.

The reception was an art. There were 6 cakes, donated by members of PCEA church. The cake matron was Mrs. Dr. Kaponda, whose husband is the Patron of Central Kenya Deaf Association. There were jigs and plays. She said how his husband loves the deaf people. She told all never to think that being disabled makes one unable. She gave an example that here in our midst was a deaf who is pursuing his doctoral degree. And finally, she requested all present to vote for her husband, who is aspiring for the Kerugoya-Kutus parliamentary seat.

After the cutting of the cake, there were gifts giving, amid song and dance. The wedding ended with prayers. And finally, two deaf people became one, in the witness of all and the Lord. It was a big challenge to the deaf people whose idea of marriage is the popular version of COME WE STAY.

For us who played a part in this wedding, more so this writer, it was a big satisfaction of conquest watching the news on KTN TV that evening and the following day. Bigger too was the feeling of ululation as all those who had watched, both deaf and hearing, but mainly the later, sort to know about it. I had a hard time answering to SMS, and could not reply to all because i ran out credit!

At this juncture, the deaf people of Kirinyaga District, and in deed all the deaf with an interest with this wedding, would like to take this opportunuty to thank the entire congregation of Kerugoya, Kamuruga and Gathora PCEA curches, the chairman of the wedding organising committee, The Rev Pastor of PCEA and Pastor Paul who did an excellent job of uniting the two love birds, and Ms. Margerat Waithera who made all this possible. May God add them blessings to prospire for their kind hearts so that they may help more people.

May God bless Chanari and Wambui's home. Those deaf who wish to do a holy wedding are free to request our help.

Anthony Nderitu,
The Bestman

Sunday, 25 February 2007

Gloria Okello's Christmas email

Mzee Bubu got it from one of his friends.

Gloria Okello is a Phillipines deaf missionary at Kenya Christian School for the Deaf at Oyugis. Like Ogango's School at Kisii Town, the KCSD is all deaf (deaf teachers and deaf care staff) and it is supported by DMI (Deaf Ministries International which Josephat Mulongo of Nairobi Immanuel Church of the Deaf is involved with.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Gloria Okello
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2006 10:52:39 +0000 (GMT)
Subject: Merry Christmas from KCSD

Dear Praying Friends,

December is here again. The children had their early Christmas Party, after they did their final exams and off they went for their year-end vacation.

This year's party we made exclusive for the children and teachers only. I wanted them to enjoy the food to the fullest of their hearts. They feasted on tilapia fish from Lake Victoria, which was a real treat to them. Here in Kenya fish is a luxury than meat. It was also a yummy treat to our several kids who do not like beef or "hates meat" as they signed it. Everyone receives a surprise gift and exta special gift to those who excelled in academic and extra curricular activities.

Some of you were asking, where the orphan kids go on vacation time. Our orphans has always home to go. Relatives even come early to get them. It is during vacation that they are needed at home. There are works reserves for them to do. Boys, to keep the animals and so much work to do for the girls. Here in Africa, women or girls are the backbones of hard labor. And when school opens, they are always the last one to come. Several of them missed to return. Girls were sent to work as a maid, though too young to do the work. I called it "a child taking care another child." Boys are hired as a full-time herds boy.

Speaking of home, the owner of the house we rented for boys dormitory just waited until we close school and kicked them out. He complained that the deaf missed-up his house. They broke the glasses on the windows, destroyed the doors of the bathroom and toilet. I saw and it was true. I know the deaf. They have no control of the bangings because they can't hear. Same happens to our girls dorm. No glasses on the windows and doors are intact. I had the toilet and bathroom doors repaired several times. So I had no arguments with him. He evaluated the damages and billed me 7,000 shillings. I paid and told the boys to gather all the mattresses, dismantle the beds and move them to our tin sheets building.

I sent Paul and Robert (deaf teachers) to scout for the house. No one is willing to rent us the house if we use for dormitory. Even the old man who previously came to me and offered his house changed his mind. My other concern, if the owner of the house we presently occupied as schools and girls dormitory will also come and claim his property. Where will I take the children. They are growing in numbers.

When I went to follow-up our request of building grants from the Japanese Embassy, that was the saddest day that was ever happened to me. The response was "REGRETS." I felt the whole world collapsed on me. I was the most disappointed person whoever lives on earth that day. The grant officer shook my hands and said sorry. I said, thank you but that was not sincere at all. I took a deep breath and slowly walked to the taxi waiting for me. Just to lift-up my broken spirit I said; "Lord if you closes the doors, I know you will open the windows."

I went to attend the Humanitarian Symposium and I met a nice Christian lady. I shared to her my burdens
and she told me, "keep knocking on the same door."

In November, I made a short trip to the Philippines. I attended the funeral of my eldest brother. Thanks to a very generous lady, only God knows who she is. She made my trip possible. There was a TV game show Deal or No Deal. I was almost tempted to try my luck. I also received an email notice that my email address won in the lottery. I knew very well that it was a part of the Nigerian Scams. But it seems so real and true. I was awarded thousands of Euros. Almost the whole night I was not able to sleep counting for my millions. All I thought was to use the millions to build the schools and there was even extra
left for me.

I know all of the above is not according to God's plan. He has His own way to make things happen. Apostle Paul wrote; "Being confident of this that he who began a work in you will carry it on to COMPLETION until the day of Jesus Christ."
Philippians 1:6

Thank you all for keeping and holding me and the needs of Kenya Christian School for the Deaf in your prayers. God, and you who are behinds me in this work are the source of my strength. Merry Christmas and A

Very Happy New Year.

Committed to His work,


Friday, 23 February 2007

Susan Mugwe - fake signature for her Mau's passport


someone forwarded the email to MZEE BUBU it was from November 2006. A lot of people in Kenya knows Susan Mugwe been fired fired from Peace Corps cos fake signature passport for her son Mau. Maybe she was right Mau's father not good won't sign the consent form say yes passport for Mau but still illegal and bad thing. Americans very strict law sometimes bad for Susan. See below for emails between many peace corps volunteers (all americans). Mzee Bubu notice one thing. All american. No one Kenyans.

Does it mean no kenyan wants to help Susan Mugwe? Only Americans? Is it a bad thing or a good thing? Susan Mugwe work hard support deaf community as a teacher, an interpreter, a interpreter trainer, a peace corps boss and a good mother?



Hey guys, I don't know if you've heard, but I just got this e-mail today and
thought I'd pass it on. Apparently Susan Mugwe has recently been fired and is
asking for help in making an appeal to the ambassador. This seems to have been
making the rounds in forwards, but near the bottom is Susan's story, written by
her. I thought I should send it so you can check it out and decide if you want
to do anything to help. I don't know how long ago this happened, but there
might be a couple days left to e-mail the ambassador to help her appeal.


----- Forwarded message from Hadar Dafny Kramer -----
Date: Sat, 18 Nov 2006 14:50:56 -0500
From: Hadar Dafny Kramer
Reply-To: pckenyadeafeducation@yahoogroups.com
Subject: [pckenyadeafeducation] RE: FW: i need your help -- Susan Mugwe

Hi All--

Not sure who has had a chance to write a letter to the three people
requested for susan's appeal-- but I figured I would send what I wrote in
case anyone wanted to use it/change it around etc. I think she only has a
few more days left.




Ambassador Ranneberger: RanneberME@...
Ronald Tschetter: rtschetter@...
Henry McKoy: hmckoy@...

Dear Ambassador,

I am writing to help Susan Mugwe, the recently terminated Area Peace Corps
Director, with her appeal. I was an RPCV in Kenya (1998-2000) and had
numerous opportunities to work with Susan and have stayed in touch with her
throughout the past 7 years. Susan has stayed dear to all of us who have
worked with her. I am so sad to hear that the decision has been made to
terminate her for such a minor error on her part as she was doing what was
in the best interest for her son..

For nearly 10 years Susan has put her heart and soul into Kenya’s Peace
Corps program. More specifically, as a former Deaf Education PCV, without
Susan championing the program it would not be to the depth or breadth that
it is currently at today. As volunteers Susan’s regular support enabled us
to be as successful as possible in often very difficult situations. It
appalls me to not only see her leave but to see her future potentially
tarnished. Susan Mugwe is the brightest, most driven, and compassionate
Kenyan woman I know and I am confident that you will do everything in your
power to help her in this appeal.

Please let me know if you have any questions.



>From: "Matthys, Deborah L Ms TACOM-RI"
>CC: "Susan Mugwe (smugwe2003@...)"
>Subject: RE: FW: i need your help -- Susan Mugwe
>Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2006 06:22:02 -0600
>Here's the e-mail addresses you can write to
>Ambassador Ranneberger - RanneberME@...
>Ronald Tschetter - rtschetter@...
>Henry McKoy - hmckoy@...
>I've already sent them an e-mail yesterday to all three above and CC'd
>Mugwe along with some RPCVs expressing my disappointment with Peace
>Corps/Kenya in how they treated Susan. Together, we will work through this.
> _____
>From: Michael Gori [mailto:mikegori@...]
>Sent: Thursday, November 16, 2006 6:11 AM
>Cc: Susan Mugwe (smugwe2003@...)
>Subject: Re: FW: i need your help -- Susan Mugwe
>Does anybody have the Peace Corps Director's & the Africa Region guy's
>e-mails? If yes, please blast these 3 e-mials to everyone. To make it
>easier and more timely for people to act.
>Although this is a CYA (Cover Your Ass) decision by lower level HR folks
>somewhat necessary in this regard, it is a missed opportunity to take a
>stand against gender biased legislation, and an opportunity to stand for
>womens' rights. In keeping with this, although resignation may still be
>highly recommended, if the situation is truly revisited by policy level
>decision makers, the involved organizations could still cover their ass by
>documenting both sides of the resignation, the difficulty of the situation,
>and @ worst leave Susan with the credible support and references required
>get another position within ID in Kenya. That's the least 'they' should do
>when looking @ her former and formal record of service.
>Susan- I will forward some contacts to you in Kenya of a few people I think
>can help with new employment and help in fighting this termination. On a
>related note, is Glenna Snyder still around in Kenya? Her former
>@ the Carter Center would also be a good Kenya based contact for I believe
>she left Kenya to study International Law with a focus on womens' rights.
>Just thinking out loud here folks, hopefully we can come up with what we
>need within the next 5 days or so.
>All the best to all of you, and most of all Susan,
>Michael Gori
>"Matthys, Deborah L Ms TACOM-RI" wrote:
>Please forward it to ALL RPCVs...
>Asanteni Sana,
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Deborah Matthys [mailto:matthys@...]
>Sent: Wednesday, November 15, 2006 8:00 AM
>To: Deborah Matthys
>Subject: Fw: i need your help
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Norma Moran
>To: kenyaed00-02@yahoogroups.com, trishross39@...,
>cookie.roang@..., matthys@..., shahen@...,
>kkhender@..., lucyraekenya@..., megggs15@...
>Subject: Fw: i need your help
>Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2006 05:52:03 -0800 (PST)
>Here is Susan's story of what transpired recently that led to her
>termination from PC/Kenya. Please feel free to forward this to other RPCVs
>and take action (writing a letter to the US Ambassador) if you wish.
>----- Forwarded Message ----
>From: susan mugwe
>Sent: Wednesday, November 15, 2006 7:43:30 AM
>Subject: i need your help
>Wow! I don't know what to say. I am so touched and humbled by the many
>emails you have all sent expressing support and love.
>Many of you have been asking how I am...I am angry, hurt, disappointed,
>embarrassed, worried and regretful.
>I know that many of you have expressed that you don't need to know all the
>gory details of what happened but I owe you all an explanation because I
>believe I have let many of you down and disappointed you all.
>I apologize that it is long and boring but for those that will have the
>time, I would like you to know exactly what happened. Also because I am
>asking for you help, I think you need to know what went down and from there
>decide if you still would like to help me or not and I will understand if
>you don't.
>Flashback to last year 2005...I was having a conversation with my son Mau
>and he asked me why I travel all the time and why I couldn't take him with
>me on some of my visits. After some explanation, I promised him that if he
>improved on his grades, I would take him with me the next time I travel.
>Sure indeed, his grades improved and in October I was to travel to Durban,
>South Africa. He was past the age where he could not be endorsed on my
>passport (this means that he could not travel on my passport and I had to
>get him a passport). When I was filling out the forms to apply for his
>passport, I realized there was a requirement that the child's father was
>supposed to sign giving consent that his son could acquire a passport and
>travel. I knew there was no way in hell his father would accept to sign
>form, not because he did not want his son to travel but to pit my son
>against me just out of malice. So because of this reason, and a time
>constraint, (you all remember how things move at supersonic speed in
>I asked a colleague to sign the form. He willingly obliged to do so.
>Fastforward to September 23, 2006. This was the week when I was making
>decisions on trainee placements, making preparations for supervisors
>workshops, preparing supervisors handbooks, making all the logistics for
>workshop, and November 1 is the due date for the annual peace corps report
>to Washington (remember all those tri annual reports you hated doing). The
>week before, my program assistant (PA) was sick and had been hospitalized.
>But when I visited him, he was even telling me he did not understand why
>doctor hospitalized him yet he did not feel that extremely sick. So Sept
>I waited for an hour for the guy to come to work so that we could embark on
>all the things that needed to be done. After two hours, the guy had not
>shown up. So I called him and he told me that he had been given doctors bed
>rest for seven days and was going to be back in the office on Nov 1. Many
>months before I had kept asking him for his trip notes to some of the sites
>he had visited but up till this time, he had not given them to me. Also I
>had asked him to aggregate the numbers from the tri annual reports but he
>still had not done that up till this time. So to make informed decisions
>about where to place trainees, I needed detailed information about those
>sites. When I called him back for the information, he had switched off his
>phone and so I had no access to him. The morning of Sept 24 before I left
>for Kitui (training center) for final interviews with trainees, I wrote Bob
>an email expressing my frustration with this PA switching off his phone. He
>called me back at lunch time asking what I wanted to do about the situation
>and I told him that at the time I wrote the email, I was very frustrated
>had since calmed down and that I had devised an alternative plan for all
>work that was ahead of me.
>Fastforward to September 30 during the supervisors workshop. In the middle
>of facilitating a session, Bob recalled me back to the office. He accused
>of lying to him regarding this PA and that in fact I am the one who had
>harassing him including calling him at 2.30am (usiku).
>But he told me that in fact that was a lesser offence that I had committed
>bigger offence. He told me that he took this PA out for lunch this Sept
>and the PA told him how one year ago, I had coerced him to sign the
>form, that I had threatened him if he didn't sign it and he only signed it
>under duress. Bob told me that he was going to take the matter up straight
>with the Human Resource (HR). I asked him why he was meeting with me
>my accuser and he promised me that he would convene a meeting where the PA
>would be present. I also asked him to separate the issues and to try and
>that this guy was trying to wiggle out of a situation where he had failed
>perform in his duties and was using this as leverage. But Bob, would not
>even hear me out.
>So I received a call on Friday Nov 3 from HR who told me I was on
>administrative leave pending investigations. I was called to the HR office
>on Nov 7 and was questioned at length. There were many other allegations
>from this guy including that I had a romantic relationship with him, that
>some of the students on the pepfar scholarship were my relatives, etc..
>Again on Nov 13, I received another call from HR and they told me to go and
>see them on Nov 14. When I arrived Bob was there and that's when they told
>me that they were terminating my services because of the offence of the
>passport. I got no support from Bob at all. He did not even acknowledge my
>work despite this one mistake.
>Many of you have expressed willingness to help. I truly need your help.
>While being terminated, I was given the option to appeal to the Ambassador.
>If you would like to help, I would request that you email the Ambassador
>(RanneberME@...) or you can send a letter to the American Post Office
>here in the Kenyan Embassy. Unfortunately I don't know the number but I
>believe you guys can find it. If you send an email or write a letter, I
>would request that you confine it to me and don't throw Bob in the mix. It
>should not appear to be mud slinging. Also your subject should start with
>Peace Corps then my name so that they don't delete your emails thinking its
>spam. It would also be very helpful if you would copy Peace Corps
>Washington's director (am not sure of his
>name) and Henry McKoy who is in charge of Africa Peace Corps Programs.
>I may not work in Peace Corps again, but it is important to me that my
>reputation be cleared. It is unfortunate that the context in which I asked
>the PA to sign the form was not considered. This particular requirement is
>very discriminative towards women because Kenyan men are not required to
>their spouses permission to have their kids get passports. Here was a
>who for many years has not cared for his biological son, does not care what
>he eats, wears, if he goes to school, when he is sick etc yet the
>requirement is that he gives his consent??
>Which is a worse crime?? Remember, just because its legal, doesn't mean
>it's right.
>I don't have many days to make my appeal (only 10 and one has already
>lapsed) so I would appreciate if you could write those emails or letters as
>soon as your busy schedules allow you to. For those that I dont have their
>contacts, please feel free to circulate this to them.
>Again, I apologize for the long message and for letting you all down. If
>you can, please help me. Asanteni sana.
>You can reach me on 0723302784.
>Susan Mugwe

Thursday, 22 February 2007

Susan Mugwe chasing Abraham out!!!


(mzee bubu got this info on this from someone who won't tell his name)

Susan Mugwe have started a new school near Kitengle for primary, secondary, technical and college. For deaf children at primary and secondary, hearing interpreters students at college level. learn what? KSL/English interpreting. Hairdressing course. Metalwork etc.

Abraham Namukoa worked teacher where Kuja Secondary School at Rongo. Joel Mzungu of GDC ask him become student teacher tutor at Machakos Teachers College to support deaf students at MTC. Abraham say yes. Then Mugwe go and pinched Abraham, say MORE MONEY WAGE? Abraham say YES YES, jump Joel Mzungu's boat, leave for Kitengle for the new school as teacher of the deaf.

Mzee heard there is one deaf kid in primary department, 4 in secondary department, 9 in college and interpreting course. He heard Mugwe have money problem problem.

Now what happen? Mugwe have chased Abraham away from her school. Abraham said why? make lies false accurse. Mzee Bubu thinks Susan Mugwe's school now very bad shake up, maybe close down?

Mzee Bubu will write more about Susan Mugwe.

World Bank Grant for HIV training

The World Bank granted Kevin Mzungu Henderson $85,293 (in 2003) to support the development of HIV awareness training in Kenya's deaf community. Look good. Mzee Bubu glad there are people like Kevin H who want the best safe way to live long.



Awarded: HIV Awareness Project of the Deaf - 1529
Project #: 03-1529
Country: Kenya
Organisation: Sahaya International; Inc
Partners: GRACE (GrassRoot Alliance for Community Education)
Sector: HIV-AIDS
Awarded: US$85,293

Project Description

To reduce the transmission of HIV in Kenya's deaf community by developing a peer-educator program that teaches HIV prevention in sign language.

The deaf community in Kenya, estimated at between 300,000 and 600,000, represents a significant portion of the country's two million HIV-infected people. A study of some 88 deaf students around the age of 18 reveals that three-quarters of them know very little about HIV. Among other contributing factors, a curriculum in sign language about HIV does not exist, and health care professionals—already overwhelmed with the pandemic—find it difficult to focus on a marginalized and isolated group. The results are devastating. Deaf children continue to lose parents and teachers to AIDS. They become sexually active and pregnant at a young age and are more prone to sexual abuse than their peers who can hear.

Innovation / Expected Results
The development of a peer-educator system for HIV prevention and support, which includes a curriculum and training manuals for master educators and peer educators, will provide a model for deaf communities around the world. The use of sign language and peer educators to promote HIV/AIDS awareness is a novel approach to empowering the deaf community in Kenya. New visual aids and a larger vocabulary in Kenyan sign language will be developed to better address the needs of as many as 1,300 deaf adults and children.

Project Manager: Kevin Henderson


Alternative Voice of KNAD

VoKNAD emailed MZEE BUBU about his/her new blog. MZEE BUBU v happy see more kenyan deaf blogs out there, more blogs the better for deaf community.

wango, get out and write blog about KNAD! Nickson, you still farting away doing nothing? GET OUT AND WRITE A BLOG! Jean, stop playing with your togo, get out write blog talk about Deaf Aid? Or Ogola too busy licking your togo? Shane Mwangi, you think you're so cool, come out write about your NGO or you talk talk talk doing nothing? Joel Mzungu, we want to know more about GDC, write the gdc blog we want to know your activities! Osano, you still work for KNAD? Where is your blog? Mugwe, will you write blog about how your school will fail, everyone laugh and weep? Or you write to say the truth. Come out, tell us ur story.

deaf kenya have right to know FULL TRUTH

VoKNAD at: http://knadvoice.blogspot.com

see below: see below: see below


(from VoKNAD)

I Support KNAD and Mzee Bubus Views

Thank you Mzee Bubu for your patriotism to the Deaf Kenyans; for this, you should be commended on your patriotism views on pertinent issues facing Deaf Kenyans and other disabled and their organizations.

We, by we I mean Supporter of KNAD, Kenyan Deaf social thinkers, honest Deaf right crusaders, all of us support your views in exposing corrupt individuals especially those who have nothing to offer the overage Deaf Kenyan but find it attractive and advantageous in colluding with few unpatriotic Deaf Kenyans to exploit the needs of other honest Kenyan Deafie.

We also understand why those elements are present in our midst, they associate with us, they are our friends, our brothers and sisters, and interpreters and all the so called friends of the Deaf but they are dishonest and pursuing shortcuts to income and ill gotten wealth. Honesty is not in their vocabulary they know only exploitations, extortions and exploiting the Deaf because they think we, the Deaf, are soft targets.

They should realize that they have mistaken Mzee Bubu’s resolve, hitting them hard, hard where it hurt the most by exposing their evil misdeed. Go Mzee Bubu! Go after their fat asses oozing with ill gotten wealth. Put a cork in their assholes. Yeah, a cork not made with tree barks and imported from China or Dubai but one made from our own backyards, Kenya's own Jua Kali made by Kenyan Deaf Artisians.

Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Mzee Wango of KNAD

Mzee Bubu supports Mzee Wango of KNAD.


If no Mzee Wango, KNAD office will be closed. Gone. No one look after KNAD.

Look at Dominic Maiwa of RSESA (WFD southern and eastern africa) he left after bad corruption bad bad maybe not maiwa's fault maybe his interpreter cheat? mzee bubu not know full story 100% but look what? Wango stay and look after everything. No wage, no pay. Maybe little. He fight for KNAD office to stay open. Money where? Nothing. No help for him. He want to see strong deaf women.

Mzee Bubu respect respect Mzee Wango big big time. kenya first deaf teacher where in western kenya first deaf school first deaf teacher.

mzee bubu love mzee wango who work hard. maybe mzee wango make lots of mistakes. who support wango? very few. no one. wango 100% maybe 95% honest but good heart for deaf community. world deaf community knows wango they like him. Corruption yes at KNAD in the past, bad corruption, why? No accountant to control make sure right way. No training from Sweden. Just drop money bags. Do what? Everyone jump for it. Oh, 1000/= for me please, oh, 5,000/= for her. Who decide? KNAD Board. Not 100% Wango's fault. Wango only serve KNAD Board.

wango hate brief-case organisations, he say they make a lot of trouble for deaf community. bad bad bad. wango fight for deaf rights. not easy when he have 3 wifes and many kids.

jean togo west africa scam man hate wango why? wango strong deaf man. Joel mzungu hate wango why? wango strong deaf man who love deaf community. young strong deafies love wango why wango always encourage say good things try your best. wango awlays have time for everyone. he want see deaf people happy strong and good house good money good eat.

mzee bubu think nickson k. still too young, not wise enough. not a mzee yet. need nickson learn more, first a proper good wage job move up the ladder, become know know, strong, then ready for knad CEO job, replace Mzee Wango. Mzee Bubu not sure about nickson why no proper, lazy, waste time sit at home sleep sleep sleep fart fart fart. bad luo bad luo. Nickson, what use is your gallaudet degree? did they teach you to waste time? SHAME SHAME SHAME!

Yes, Mzee Wango love fishing. He is a good Luo. Good Luos fish all the time, in peace away from everyone's problems troubles

Mzee Bubu not reveal himself

Mzee Bubu saw the comment saying 'who is mzee bubu who is mzee bubu'?

mzee bubu will not tell you who he is. One thing mzee bubu tell you - he is a Kikiyu from central province.

it is not important.

Stop blaming people for who mzee bubu is, stop attacking people for who mzee bubu is.

many of you knows why mzee bubu is here. it is to show you the wrong things you have done. it is also to show you the good things you have done.

remember when newspapers write bad things about Moi, what happen? Moi send his army out to kill or arrest the editors. The world says 'oh my god kenya is bad they want to control everything to hide their bad ways!' remember when Kenyatta do bad things, newspapers write about him. Kenyatta send spys to attack the newspapers.

Remember the Standard fire last March? A group of people tried destroy The Standard office but no, The Standard stay on, continue fight better rights for Kenyans. The Standard supports Deaf community.

There are people who are SCARED SCARED SCARED of Mzee Bubu, they say 'foreign ideology'

what is YOUR IDEOLOGY? (british colonists)

* corruption
* lies
* money stole stole
* eat eat eat
* pretend deaf dont exist
* want see deaf stay the same suffer control by bad people

(before the Dutch missionaries came to Kenya, there were no deaf schools. only for Deaf Indians, if no 'foreign ideology', no deaf schools in Kenya? No deaf teachers. No KNAD, no deaf organisations)


* quality education
* power for deaf community
* KSL rights
* united deaf community
* honesty, open communication
* better wages, safe housing, happy life
* a honest Mzee Bubu (better without mudslinging!!!!!!!)

Monday, 19 February 2007

Kijana Bubu writing

mzee bubu understand why people sometimes use fake names to send comments to mzee bubu, they want the truth to come out, they want to know if truth is truth or lies, mzee bubu is the forum for people to talk, tell, discuss etc. At first it might look bad but deaf community need to talk together, communicate together, work together...mzee bubu the first step forward.

remember: mzee bubu is pro deaf empowerment, pro deaf pride, pro strong KNAD, pro KSL, pro deaf community. Mzee Bubu refuse to print mudslinging in main blog page. Mudslinging limit to comments, becuz deaf kenyans have right to express feeling anger, talk rumours etc, freedom of speech, let them abuse speech but NOT on mzee bubu blog main page, mzee bubu will print worthy comments on the blog page.

mzee bubu want let everyone know that he does not always know who write anoymonous comments no idea who?

another comment from Kijana Bubu...


Mzee Bubu,

I am troubled by Aggrey's comments.

first in the whole of Nairobi Internet costs have come down to one shilling a minute that is 60 bob an hour. A dollar!!! Do not cheat the world Deaf kenyans like myself do check emails everyday atleast once or twice and also get time to check mzee bubu and contribute ideas...

60 bob is less than a beer or enough for chips and soda in downtown nairobi....please do not give us the crap about money and Deaf people being poor.....we are sick and tired of some hearing person telling us of poverty....STOP!!!

If KNDAEP's excutive director is Boniface Inyanya....who is Joel? if he is an employee fire the bugger.....if he is a director too kick him out through your policies....We are tired of your in fightings....please stop crying wolf you are guilty of corruption if you can not deal with him.

KNDAEP is not dead....I have heard from some donor agencies that they are investigating the use of funds that were given....they have also applied for numerous funds but have not gotten any...why??

Mzee Bubu please look at the list of names listed as being misused.....Boniface, Aggrey, Joel....something is not right with this picture.....the attacks are on Joel....by who? why? please do not try to fool us.... Aggrey is behind all this.

I am concerned because these are the people making the lives of Deaf people miserable in Kenya.

What has KNDAEP done with the funds it got? apart from Tshirts....caps....nice alllowances and travel reimbursements.....some salaries.....some office....is there behavior change for Deaf Kenyans? how many Deaf people are on ART therapy? how many Deaf people counseled and tested know how to live positively? or negatively for those who are not infected?

when Nickson questioned the quality of counselors and issues of proper protocols for HIV counseling testing and care....all of your were in the blog protesting how could he do that how can he attack the DVCTs....

about the pictures you can not complain now...you were there when the pictures were taken.....it is simple. tell the camera man - this is a private function NO PHOTOs....simple. No whinning and crying wolf. you ate the cake and soda offered at the opening ceremony...mulikula...mulie, muruke ama muraruke. Shida kwenu mara moja! (loosely Interpreted in KSL - you ate, cry, jump/rant, your problem yours!!!)

I dare the writer to tell us who he/she is if they are Honestly interested in defending the interests of Deaf Kenyans. Do not hide under anonymity come out...reveal your self and maintain your dignity....not eating and then crying when the food is finished - PUMBAVU MWENYE KUANDIKA HIO KITU YA KNDAEP.(loosely interpreted in KSL the writer of KNDAEP complaints is an Idiot!)

Still the same one....

mimi huyu huyu

Kijana Bubu aka Concerned Deafie.

more on Joel Omondi

MZEE BUBU support good hearing and good deaf who work hard make deaf community strong and good. He is against bad deaf bad hearing. Mzee Bubu weeps when deaf confuse good hearing and bad hearing together. Joel Omondi maybe bad maybe good, up to deaf community decide what to do.

one commentor wrote to Mzee Bubu:


Dear Mzee Bubu,

Joel has internet access and can post his own praises as many times as he wishes!

The average Deaf Kenyans cannot afford expensive internet to defend him.

In fact only few people in their right mind would defend such a man!

Joel has stained the name of the Deaf people in Kenya.

In trying to justify his corrupt activities under the watchful nose of Mzee Bubu, He is only smearing and smearing his dirty name again!

Even if he dies tomorrow, this stain, if stain there will be, will forever remain on his but and on his useless WWW.DISABILITY.KENYA.ORG which he uses to enrich himself at the expense of Deaf Kenyans.

When he fights the likes of HI and Jean Claude does he not realise he himself is hearing and therefore no different from them? Does he not kinow he has no right to missuse the name of Deaf people, their photographs (see http://www.disabilitykenya.org/openingkndaepcontentspage.htm), their NGO, etc. to earn money for his business?

Shame on you gready Africa Pig Man!

NB: The following persons and their photographs have earned Joel KSH. 1,234,567.89/= by using their pictures illegally.

[Picture 1 Group Photo for all the official participants.
Picture 2 Boniface U Inyanya (deaf) Executive Director KNDAEP with Dr. Elizabeth Murum
Picture 3 Boniface, Dr. Murum, Aggrey, Dr. Miriam and a Staff of LVCT.
Picture 4 Group Photgragh for the Event.
Picture 5 Aggrey, Mr. Cheruyiot deputy Director NACC, Boniface...
picture 6 Preparations for the event was comprehensive work... Dr. June of CDC leads the way in rehearsals for the big event
Picture 7 Joel Omondi leads Dr. Murum in through the stairway......
picture 8 Dr. murum, Boniface, Maina, Moses with Aggrey doing the kenya sign language interpretation
picture 9 Finally the whole thing would happen in this parking place....watching are boniface, Dr. June, Joel, Dr. Murum, and Prince of LVCT....
picture 10 so lets meet during the event...Dr. Murum see you..
Picture 11 The great partnerships that brought up this unique programme
picture 12 Dr. Murum of CDC making a speech...
Picture 13 Leah Muruka, Maina and Moses the deaf VCT staff counsellors of the Nairobi Deaf VCT as it was opening...
Picture 14 Aggrey, Boniface, Prince, Dr. June, Dr. Murum, Joel, Denis listening to a presentation...
Picture 15 Mr. Cheruyiot of the National AIDS Control Council (NACC) the government agency that funds the KNDAEP...
Picture 16 Mr. Cheruyiot makes his speech during
Picture 17 Boniface wellcomes Dr. Murum of the CDC to the ceremony....
Picture 18 Some of the dignitaries from the embassy listening...
Picture 19
Picture 20 Moses Nteere a Deaf VCT staff counsellor making a presentation to...
Picture 21 Master of ceremonies Joel Omondi introducing to the crowd....
Picture 22 The Master of Ceremonies introducing Dr. Murum to make her speech. Holding the umbrella is Joab one of the deaf leaders.
Picture 23 Boniface, Joel and Dr. Murum listening attentively...
Picture 24 Special thanks for not only a graet Day but also the beggining of a grat project...
Picture 25 Aggrey interprets for the deaf audience the presentations...
Picture 26 Signing the visitors book at the KNDAEP offices..... Dr. Leslie Rowe.
Picture 27 The US government will support the scalling up of ARV treatment from the current low levels to 140,000 within the next five years.... Mrs. Rowe deputy chief de mission
Picture 28 Mr. Cheruyiot says the NACC coordinates the National response against AIDs...
Picture 29 Boniface Inyanya making a speech in which he spelt out the various challenges the deaf and the disabled ..]

It is time to read this dying corrupt dinosaur his last rites of passage.

One Concerned Deafie Speaking Out

Dear Mzee Bubu,

I am happy to see Joel has taken the mudslinging positively.

I am saying congrats! Kenya needs more of Joel's spirit especially in the Deaf world.

Compared to Jean Claude Adzalla, Joel Runnels, Morrisey, etc Joel Omondi has shown them that you can respond to mudslinging with witt and tact. The posting has actually made you more prominent in the Deaf world than before. Yesterday Church grounds were filled with did you see what was on Mzee Bubu? who is Joel....what did he do? etc etc No one was talking about Deaf AID or GDC or KRITD.....

If indeed Jean has paid Deaf people to gossip and spoil the names of people, we need to deal with all these things.

Wazee watatu seems to be prominent Deaf Kenyans....one who is taking care of the mother and has three wives? sounds like Washington Akaranga doesn't it? or Boniface Inyanya Akaranga?

The one behind the posting of Joel's CV is non other than Agrrey Akatsa Akaranga. He is the one updating the disability Kenya website and making trouble for most of the Deaf in Kenya. He has several organizations registered under his Dandora postal Address, his friend Jefwa has an associtation of Interps and he spends his time with his girlfriend somewhere west side of Nairobi on the banks of Nairobi river.

One thing I would like to comment on the OMEDA publications - Joel you must have been doped into believing that SEE signed Exact English is the best language for Deaf children to learn, and acquire language esp English, Kiswahili etc.....MY FRIEND YOU ARE WRONG! the only best way for Deaf children to learn any other language is through a strong STRONG FOUNDATION OF KENYA SIGN LANGUAGE (KSL) which will act as a base for them to learn any other language.

Let's take a linguistical journey...from your name you are probably Luo or Luhya...when you were growing up between ages 1-7 your primary lanaguage must have been luo/luhya, then with 7 years expereince of your mother tongue, you were enrolled in a nursery school which for 90% of time they grilled you with rhymes and theme songs of your native language some kiswahili and then english was intoduced slowly.

by the time you were in class 3/4 then they parmanently switched to English and swahili. It is not DIFFERENT for Deaf children. They are bright children with a unique language of communication.

Next week we will continue the Lesson on Deaf culture....and some fundamentals on Interpreting.

Sorry Joel this letter was ment for you BUT it touches on issues that I believe will enlighten the rest of the world about Deaf Kenya and it's intricacies....

Mzee Bubu with your permission please publish for my friends to be enlightened.

My biggest issues are:

1. Who does the Dandora three think they are? They do not 'bwogo' -shock- anyone. We are fearless....

2. Aggrey needs to explain to the Deaf why all the Dandora organizations are registered with one postal address? are they his and his brother? are they briefcase NGO's?? what funding have they received or expecting?

3. Jefwa Mweri....what the hell are you doing establishing a KNSLIA - an interpreters assosciation? are you an Interpreter? how many years have you practiced as an interp? what did you discuss at WASLI? what did your friend Akatch promise you? Deaf Kenyans want to know.

4. Christine Ondicho, Mary, Vickie, Liz, Leo what do you know of Jean's entry in Kenya and his first initial meetings trying to establish KRITD? who represented Interps in those meetings? We deaf in kenyan want to know which kenyans are betraying us...we know for sure Washington Akaranga is one, Wango is number two, Ogolla are in the game of getting money from these foreigners.

5. Interpreters in Kenya - mr KSLIA chairman Jack Owiti....where is the association? who are the officials? are you working with KRITD or Jefwa or you are alone as an association. mr. chairman please focus on your job stop sleeping.

thanks Mzee



Concerned Deafie in Nairobi, Kenya.

Concerned Deafie writes about WAZEE WATATU

Concerned Deafie thinks 'Wazee Watatu' are the Dandora Three...

the Dandora Three have been notorious for among other things gossiping, corruption and other acts that can be considered criminal in Kenya. Deafie has established from a reliable source that the Dandora Three have registered a series of NGOs listed in the IDCS address book. These organizations do not exist or have an office.... see more here


Jack, Nickson, Shane and the Deaf Kenyans please do not be bother with these Wazee. They are idle and want free money they will send lies and gossip hoping to get money.

Mzee Bubu please expose them for who they are....

Joel Omondi's response

from omondi joel - ojooel2@yahoo.co.uk
to Mzee Bubu - mzeebubu@gmail.com
date 16-Feb-2007 13:49
subject Re: you are on MZEE BUBU
mailed-by yahoo.co.uk

Hey Mzee

Hey today you made my day. Actually i thought i had more serious friends than that!!! I love what you guys are doing and as a matter of fact there is nothing to defend or support.

I actually expected more serious staff bwana like stories about omondi and women or how i slept with some one wife or something like that!

The only thing i wish to deny is that i am NOT mzee Bubu as you already know. Although i enjoy being associated with it. But i support Your work one hundred million percent.....

And I have the unique position of being the only person in Mzee Bubu with a "CV"!!! what a prestigious position!! I thought i am some worthless person little did i know There are people who consider me such highly!

But am disapointed! I expected something harsher than that. Lets wait for more and hear!!!


Joel Omondi

Friday, 16 February 2007

more Kenyans speaking out

Mzee Bubu got an email from Caroline. Mzee Bubu v happy more Kenyans start to speak out express anger or disappointment. Sign of kenya deaf community becoming strong. kenyan deaf leaders can lead deaf organisations no need for mzungu or foreign men to control our lifes.

"...Do you know who is attacking Nickson and Jack? Hawa ni wale kutoka Amerikani, they are lost wazungu, real foreigners who cannot compete in the US job market, wanajifanya tu to be experts in Kenya Deaf community.

Do you know Joel Runnels of GDC is being imposed on Deaf Kenyans by wazungu ndugu in America? Bado he doesnt have a skill or qualified to be a country director. GDC haku advertised the position for competition.

Do you know mzungu agenda in defending Jean Claude? Kwa sababu he wants job kukuwa mkenya simple he wants to stay in Kenya no job for him in the US. how about Kevin Hernderson the pretender? He failed and pocketed money from World bank for Deaf HIV/AIDS project, pia yeye incompetent in liverpool VCT and still being incompetent in HI.

Mzee Bubu please tell us about these foreigners attacking Nickson and Jack especially Joel and Kevin Warnke what is their agenda? They are just hearing foreigners using Deaf Kenyans to build their CV.

I support Nickson's view that all projects meant for Deaf should have Deaf mkuu working with them. Nickson kwa nini wewe umenyamasha? please respond to these foreigners attacking on you, they fear you especially Joel Runnels who posted comment about you.

He is in kenya for women only because he cant take advantage of american women. He wants Norma and bibi ya Jack owiti,

shame on him! Joel ni mwenye Mzee Bubu because he knows what Jean claude is doing in Deaf Aid including counting number of bottles he drinks with donors money.

Ni mimi Caroline..."

Jack Owiti's right to reply

Dear Mzee,

my good friend Jack just smsed and emailed me about comments he read on this blog, the issues raised there are not true. He has asked me to let the whole Deaf world know this:

"....I support the initiative that Mzee Bubu has, to create an open space for Deaf Kenyans to vent and to talk about issues troubling them. I do not however support the mudslinging, the personal vendettas and gossip. I would like to inform all that I love my wife and child please do not involve them in Kenyan Deaf politics, gossip and mud slinging. I have NO involvement with the creation, editing or updating of this blog. I appreciate the complement of my IT savvy-ness and I am putting then to productive use and my hands to serving the Deaf Kenyans through Interpreting as the chair of KSLIA..."

that is Jack's message to you to read and make your own judgments. Thanks Mzee Bubu.


Concerned Deafie, Nairobi Kenya.

Thursday, 15 February 2007

the truth about Joel Omondi Owino

mzee bubu v v v v offended someone stupid think he is Joel Omondi Owino.

see the comment below from someone who wont say name about Joel Omondi Owino. Very interesting facts but mzee bubu is deaf bubu deaf not hearing.


P.O. Box 73407
00100 GPO,
E-mail: ojooel2 @ yahoo.co.uk
Office Tel: 254-2-570571
Cell : 072-754-414

To entrench the role of gossip in destroying the effective communication of the Deaf people and institutions.

Consultant with YEARS of experience in Conning money from Civil Society on behalf of the Deaf!

He is the man who single handedly murdered KNDAEP ………….SO PLEASE DO NOT SUPPORT HIM!

Very pitiful and strongly moving proposals of Conmanship and Administratorship money laundering, forgerries of cheques signatures of Deaf officials etc. with creative BRAINS to boot!

NB: He is not Deaf using Deaf people to enrich himself.

MA University of Nairobi (failed and repeating)
University of Nairobi.

BA, Economics and Mathematics (Bottom of Class honors Upper Division) (1996)
University of Nairobi.

High School O-Level (K.C.S.E., 1990)
St. Paul’s Amukurah High School.

Claims that he is a Director of Disability Kenya under which he states that OMEDA is a project of the KNDAEP!

Fund raising through forged signatures on cheques, master of public relations to confuse through materials production and dissemination, media monitoring , proposal writing and research.

HE IS AN Ex-prisoner and jail bird at Buru Buru Police Station. Check the Officer Controlling Police Station Buru Buru

He can murder anyone working with him!
Will find out when he pocket 70% of the funds to improve his PHARMACY and Set up begging websites such as www.disabilitykenya.org

Research Projects:
All those useless trash in Mzee Bubu.

See also www.disabilitykenya.org


Playing football, Reading political novels and Memoirs of great leaders, and Surfing the Internet.


Dr. Ndagwe Ahawo.
Department of Sociology.
Maseno University,
Tel: (254-035-51622)
Email: ndagwe@yahoo.com

(Dr. Ndagwe has known HIM from high school)

Mr. Bernard Wanjohi Muchiri
Help Self Help Centre,
P .O .Box 40603, 00100 GPO
Tel: (254-2-448166)
E-mail: hshc@mitsuminet.com.
(Mr. Muchiri has known HIM for three years).

Mrs. Wendy Wanja Mutegi
Scouts of the Chains Trust Fund.
P .O .Box 45086 00100 GPO,
Tel: (254-2-725502)
(Mrs Mutegi has known HIM for five years.


Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Mzee Bubu - in Disability Kenya

Mzee Bubu is everywhere where disability kenya website, deaf international development website.

mzee bubu very happy because very important first full information make deaf community very strong. Mzee Bubu is for deaf kenyans not hearing kenyans and mzungu's.


:: The Mzee Bubu Storm in Kenya just wont go away!


A new blogspot with a name easily translated to an Old Deaf person was recently initiated and going by the type of stormy articles posted someone would think Jean Claude of Deaf AID has quite an enemy.

Mzee Bubu however has brought with it interesting behaviour change among the deaf individuals and organisations working in the deaf community. The blog many local deaf people associate with Nikson Kakiri who finished his undergraduate class recently in the Gallaudet University and came back to Kenya a fully flegded development scholar seems to have finally found a footing to jump start his shaky return. Although he catergorically denies it, many deaf people i spoke to thought only Nickson could have such a mind and capability. But Nickson does not come from or work in Central Province as the blog says.

The Blog officially known for promoting pride of the deaf and whose name if you would wish to search is deafpride.blogspot.com claims to say nothing but the truth about what is happening to the deaf community in Kenya. Quite a number of the initial articles are somehow related to Jean- Claude bashing. Who has replied discreetly through one of his assistants Kevin Wanke. Jean has denied all the allegations of corruption, misuse ofthe deaf under his staff, not promoting Kenya Sign Language within his programmes etc.

Further investigations link the blog to a former Peace Corp Volunteer working with connections in Kenya who many think is the role Nikson Plays. Who then collects some of the main information on various subtopics and send them to the blogger.

However there are quite a number of positive aspects of the new developments. We hope more deaf poeple would express themselves in writing such articles and more would express their opinion on issues as openly as possible. Learning and reading english has been a challenge for many including quite a number of leaders. It is our prayer that they will take this opportunity and not only express their opinion but also improve their written and read english.

The role of the internet is increasing at such a high speeed and the youth with various communication disabilities need not be left behind. Mzee bubu is a great opportunity to clear some of the issues while building some of the skills we dearly need.

Some have however complained bitterly about the language the blogger uses. Most are people who may not have experience with the deaf world. The deaf world especially in Kenya express themselves openly. Very few except Peter Wango whose article in Mzee Bubu also happens to be a battle with Global Deaf Connection is known to be able to look at the posiotive side of anything.

Jean Claude and Deaf Aid seem to be in someones agenda and this seems to attract the most vitrol. Most of the words are clearly below the belt and some one seems to be using the scene to try and make Jean leave Deaf Aid Kenya. Questions however arise like does Jean have a wife back home? What is the role of the kenyan wife? Jean who happens to be a good friend of mine is also smart to have kept quiet especially that the blog could be read by his donors, some of who were in Kenya recently.

Other interesting stories include the confusion in Deaf VCT and donor battles between LVCT and HI,

The Blog is also increasingly informative. Many organisations are coming clean and telling all whta exactly they do and where. Who they are working with and in what areas. This is very good and is also one of the positive benefits of the blog. A good example is CBM kenya and its operations in the deaf community.

There are also increasing an advocay tools with themes like more deaf teachers in deaf schools. More jobs for the deaf in organisations funded and working in Kenya. Better inclusion in organisations that work with communities. Inclusion it seems means more deaf leaders represented in boards funded and working in Kenya. More inclusion of the umbrella organisations like KNAD in some strategic decsion making. These are important issues at the centre of the battle with Jean Claude. However indications are that some of the deaf leadsers making most noise about Jean claude also had the pices of cake jean dolled to them early when he started.

But Abdulkadir who uses a scanned letterhead of KNDAEP and claims to be an information officer of the organisation working in somalia! is quite the kind of staff not to expect. He claims that because he did not get a job with LVCT therefore LVCT is a bad organisation. Being a proffessioinal counselor as he claims it would be wiser to sort out his issues with LVCT in a better way. I wonder which KNDAEP he represents claims one of the KNDAEP board members. It is illegal to use a letterhead without officially being sanctioned by the board. He does should be using his skills seeking for funds for the KNDAEP and not bashing other people.

I am the spirit of Kenya's Deaf Community. I am Honesty, Humbleness and Goodness. I will tell nothing but the honest truth. I will reveal people's evil doings. is objective of the blog. So beware your evil doing could be on the blog tommorow.

02 February 2007

Tuesday, 13 February 2007



Do you wish to learn more on the issues challenging the persons with disability in Kenya and the world?

Do you wish to support a project within the disability sector?

You can learn these and much more including:

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· Issues brought forward by the Persons with Disabilities Act 2004.

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Machakos School for the Deaf in the Standard

Shattering the myth of deafness and music
Last Updated on December 3, 2006, 12:00 am
By Margaret Oganda


It is a few minutes to eight on a Friday, time for the morning assembly. A familiar scene replays itself in the school compound as 180 primary school pupils stroll slowly towards the flag post from all directions, outside the main school office block.

Well-trimmed hedges border the dusty open ground opposite the school-dining hall.

It is a bright morning as gentle rays of sunlight thaw the early morning chill, where they routinely gather twice per week for the morning assembly, or parade.

A few pupils walk alone, and others amble along in clusters for the usual weekly student presentations, Scout drills, flag-raising, as well as updates from the headmaster and teachers.

It’s a quiet place, too quiet to be a school. This is Machakos School for the Deaf, a school exclusively for the hearing impaired situated in Machakos District, close to the town centre, on Industrial Area Road.

Integration of sound and movement

Here, all the conversation and animated ‘talk’ between the staff and pupils is carried out entirely in sign language.

As the flag is raised, it is time to sing the Kenya national anthem. Surprise, surprise! They belt out the tune: "O God of all creation, bless this our land and nation, justice be our shield and defender…." The pupils sing their hearts out without skipping a line or losing tempo, except it’s all in silence.

Led by a member of staff, the pupils, who are both deaf and dumb or hard of hearing, join in to sing as they sway to a song they will never hear.

More surprises to come: The deaf pupils regularly participate in singing, dancing, recite poems, and even play instruments. And they have won many trophies.

How do they do it? The unique way that the hearing impaired integrate sound and movement mystifies many ordinary people, who often say they baffled by the fact that those who cannot hear can relate to sound, giving captivating performances.

Deaf people sense vibration in the brain

It is now known that totally deaf people feel vibrations if they stand next to speakers, or stand on a floor that vibrates. The deaf sing using types of music that are not based on sound.

One approach is to use sign-language based singing, or presentations that employ moving light patterns formed with the fingers and hand.

Some deaf people even develop an inner rhythm, which enables them to dance to music even if they do not hear the music.

In a presentation, Dr Dean Shibata, assistant professor of radiology at the University of Washington, observed that deaf people sense vibration in the part of the brain that other people use for hearing, which helps explain how deaf musicians can sense music, and how deaf people can enjoy concerts and other musical events and how some become performers.

Did you know that one of the greatest composers of all time, Ludwig Van Beethoven, developed hearing loss when he was 28 and became totally deaf at 50? Yet during that period, he came up with some of his most loved compositions like Symphony No 9.

Scooping top prize at the national level

Shawn Dale Barnett, an American, born totally deaf, grew up with a keen interest in music but was discouraged when attending a deaf school.

Despite being told deafness would keep him from being a success, he later became one of the first professional deaf drummers and was the first deaf man to have a top hit on MTV.

Of his performances, he said, "I go by feeling the vibrations in one way or another." He died of cancer in 2003.

Since the inception in the Kenya Music Festival of class 831H, the African Traditional Dance for the Hearing Impaired, the pupils from Machakos School for the Deaf have been scooping the top prize at the national level.

They have also received invitations to perform at state functions.

They specialise in a riveting showcase of the Kamba kilumi dance, which according to ancient folklore was one of worship, performed to appease ancestral spirits. The drummer pounds expertly on the kithembe drum, which has a particularly sonorous sound, especially after being warmed by a fire.

To sing and dance with no sound

The deaf pupils are caught up in this vigorous dance and the resounding beats. With their purple and white attire and striking face paint, they participate in well-synchronised movements that beat what most ordinary people can do.

"Our pupils move to the beat and rhythm of the music, as they sense the vibrations in the chest and in their feet, which is why in our case we use the kithembe drum that resonates well as opposed to smaller drums," explains Dorothy Mutinda, who has been teaching hearing impaired students dance and drama for the last ten years.

"They dance flawlessly and when we go out to perform, many people come to ask me if they are really deaf. They also play instruments like drums, tambourines, and assorted shakers like the maracas."

Mutinda has taught them not only how to perform dances for the national music festival but also regularly meets with members of the Christian Union (CU) to teach them songs which they "sign sing" during their meetings.

"When I learn a new song that I enjoy on my own, I come to school and call together the members of the CU. I sing it for them and demonstrate the signs, and actions for them clearly. I also sing it aloud a few times for them even though they do not hear me. They can see the movements that I make with my mouth that go with the words, and how fast or slow the tune is by the way I sway as I sing," she says.

Those with PLD find it easier to lip-read

Some of the students, Mutinda says, learn it faster than others because they have post-lingual deafness (PLD), which is a term applied to people who have acquired deafness after they have been able to speak, maybe through an illness, such as an ear infection, oteosclerosis, or meningitis which may cause inflammation of the inner ear. "Those with PLD find it easier to lip-read and pick up some of the words," she says.

"Often, I write the words on the blackboard so that they can grasp the meaning quickly to follow and understand the meaning of the song. Afterwards, I ask them to sing along with me, line after line until they can sing it themselves without my assistance," she says.

One of the Christian choruses the pupils enjoy singing is "This is my commandment that you love one another that your joy may be full…."

Mutinda also teaches the pupils poems in signs, the most recent one being an English verse titled "Eradicate Aids".

It is time for me to know,

I must know about Aids,

Please tell me,

Tell me all about Aids...

Soloist leads her troupe by brandishing a flywhisk

Explaining in sign language through an interpreter, some of the pupils speak about their experience in music and dance. Munyiva Mbithi, who has been dancing for the last five years, is the main soloist of the kilumi dance, and leads her troupe by brandishing a flywhisk in her hand.

"Without the help of a hearing aid, I can pick up only very faint sounds that sound very distant, so I rely on the steps that my teacher has taught me, and I lead the other dances with their movements using the flywhisk, which I point in the directions that I want them to move. The flywhisk also tells them when to change their steps," she says, adding that dancing is one of the things that she enjoys the most while in school.

"I have been taking part in Scottish, Ugandan and Kamba dances since I was in Class Three," says Mutheu Makau, a Class Eight pupil.

"I sense the loud beat of the drum in my body, and respond to it with movements, and I also follow the instructions of the soloist very carefully."

Instrumentalist learnt how to play the drums

Ndolo Mutiso takes part in the dances as well as drama and poems.

"I enjoy verse speaking and singing religious songs; that is why my ambition is to be a pastor when I grow up."

His friend Zablon Kengara has acted in several school plays.

"I enjoy taking part in drama especially when it carries an important message, like teachings about HIV/Aids."

Kasiva Wambua is the school’s main instrumentalist and started to take part in drama and music several years ago. "My teacher has taught me how to play the drums and the shakers, but now I would like to learn how to blow a whistle as we dance. During our dances I follow the flywhisk and that is how I know when to play and when to change the beat."


Monday, 12 February 2007

Oi Jean Claude some messages for you!

comment today posted at 8am: no name

Mzee Bubu calls for Deaf Kenyans to unite to chase Jean Claude from Kenya, but our Deaf leaders are too busy attending Jean Claude's workshops to show support and praise from the same Deaf Community. You ask Deaf Kenyans to threaten one moment, but then they beg the other. How does that work? A Deaf Kenyan attends Jean Claude's workshops and meeetings, likes his work, collects allowance and goes away happy. How can you again ask him to chase Jean Claude from Kenya? and why? This is repeated between Deaf Kenyans and many NGOs in Kenya, not just Jean Claude. How do we resolve this?


another comment by a CONCERNED DEAFIE at 9.33am

Thanks Mzee for publishing my comments.

As for my Deaf Kenyan friends going for allowances and meetings to 'Eat and Drink' one day we will have the repayment.

BUT for now you can see that happens, we have no development in the Deaf community in Kenya. We do not have an Association, No good Education, No employment for Deaf Kenyans and again there are no services to support the Deaf. WHY?

You the leaders are busy eating and fillling your stomach with development money.....

God forgive them! for the blood of the needy, poor and dying Deaf Kenyans are on their hands.

Kenya Christian School for the Deaf Faces A Brighter Future

From the newsroom of the Journal Chretien, France, Tuesday, January 30, 2007 .....

Kenya School for the Deaf Faces A Brighter Future

Empowerment Project Focuses on Self-Reliance and Sustainability

By Michael Gantt

BRATTLEBORO, VERMONT (USA) - The old proverb says, "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day ; teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." James Kabao, of Schuller Development Services in Nairobi, Kenya is putting a new twist on an old line - "Give a man a loaf of bread and you feed him for a day ; give him an oven and you'll be amazed at what he will cook up." Kabao is helping a group of deaf children bake a new and brighter future.

The children who attend the Kenya Christian School for the Deaf in Oyugis are among the poorest and most disadvantaged class in the country. Many of them are orphans or abandoned by their families while others are placed in the school because it gets them out of the home and out of sight in a country where deafness is a cause for discrimination and isolation. They live in a rented block building and hold classes and often sleep and eat in an uninsulated tin building. Their primary diet includes ugali (a corn meal and water loaf) and when available, cabbage. They rarely have meat or milk. These are truly among the poorest of the poor. While the school does get some support through Deaf Missions International and some student sponsorships from Christian individuals in America, it is almost never enough to provide more than the most basic of needs.

That may all be about to change, thanks to James Kabao of Schuller Development Services in Nairobi. In December of 2006 Kabao began working under the sponsorship of Agape Christian Fellowship in Brattleboro, Vermont to initiate a deaf empowerment project similar to others he has established all over Kenya and East Africa among impoverished groups. If things go well, the school could be entirely self-supporting within a period of two years.

The installation of new wood fired ovens and cook stoves, charcoal production equipment, and incubators are currently being fabricated for the school. During the first half of February, Kabao and his crew will be remodeling rooms and installing equipment to open a bakery, and charcoal brickette production facility, and incubators for raising boiler chickens to be sold in local markets.

The students of the Kenya Christian School for the Deaf will be trained to operate the bakery, produce the charcoal, and manage the production of the boiler chickens. Each student will have age appropriate responsibilities in the business ventures and graduates of the school will be certified in their various fields, making them significantly more employable. In addition, older students will be trained in the skills needed to start and manage their own businesses. Kabao predicts that the school will be earning an income by the end of March and fully self-reliant with in the next year or so.

The Deaf School project is not a new venture for James Kabao. He has assisted over thirty other groups through out Kenya develop similar projects ; all of them very successful.

One such project in the Nairobi area helped young Brian Shiroko, a deaf man who had little hope of employment, develop his own business model. Today, Brian owns his own business which includes a bakery, weaving shop, chicken production, charcoal production (which supplies thirty other bakeries), and plastic recycling plant. In addition, Brian maintains a remarkably productive vegetable and fruit garden which supplies many of the small markets in his area with fresh produce. Not only does Brian own his own business, but he trains and employs a full staff. Next year, Brian will be opening a Deaf Training Center which will invite the deaf from all over Kenya to enroll for training which will enable them to duplicate what Brian Shiroko has been able to do, all over the country.

Based on Brian Shiroko's success, James Kabao believes the Kenya School for the Deaf can, within a relatively short period of time, become entirely independent of outside support and will be able to significantly improve the quality of life not only for the students of the school but for the surrounding community as well.

Members and friends of the Agape Christian Fellowship have contributed just over $5000 to provide start up money for the project. It their hope that the KCSD project will provide a workable model that can be reproduced in impoverished communities not only in Africa, but in other parts of the world as well. The Agape Fellowship has a sizeable Deaf congregation and many of the church's Deaf community have contributed to the school and to this project.

If you would like to know more about this project, contribute to its ongoing su ccess, or receive periodic updates on the progress of the project, you may write for information to Pastor Michael Gantt at srpastor@agapechristianfellowship.org

Copyright © 2007 ASSIST News Service

Friday, 09 February 2007

a Deaf Kenyan speaking out

Mzee Bubu is very busy. Sorry for delay.

Mzee Bubu got a v interesting comment from someone. Mzee Bubu can print ur comment without ur name protect secret if u want.


I am unhappy with the secrecy and hidding happening. The Online resource that was being launched is for the benefit of Deaf Kenyans why do it in secret?

We need the attention so that we get Deaf Issues open and read by Deaf and Hearing people esp. the government.

I say it again here loud and clear - Many foreigners come to Kenya thinking we are fools, that we are uneducated....we might be all that BUT we have one thing that they do not have - Street Smart wisdom and sheer hard learnt facts that only being Kenyan and Deaf can give to you.

We know our country, we know our issues - NO FUCKING individual from another country can tell us how to run the fucking issues of developement. Is Enron development? what about the Kyoto protocol? War in Iraq is that a model to follow? Please give us break we have our resource right here leave us the HELL ALONE....

Mzee Bubu is right we need 100% Deaf Teachers in Deaf Schools NOW. The Hearing Teachers MUST SIGN - KSL not some screwed SEE or TC thing.

You may say I am using strong language....allow me to vent my anger and frustrations. What we are seeing is unacceptable and unethical. We need to have these infrastructure BUT we can not have the fate of one million Kenyans decided by a bunch of ass lickers and wankers.

Pardon me, I can call them that because I am a Kenyan Deaf frustrated by this education system that is being controlled by some big shots at KIE, KISE and MOE. We are going into digital resource center BUT just a small consideration of acknowledging KSL as the official language of the Deaf took them 15 years.....please we need more action more powerful decisions not a silent launch of a website or resource center attended by 20 people at a down town hotel with allowances paid to the participants.....NO NO NO HELL NO!

I am rumbling ON and I am not letting go..... becoz our deaf peole must understand that money is not development. donors come and go Kenya is here to stay we have to leave a better world for our children. We would like to see better education accessible to Deaf people, we need to see KNAD functioning and having a voice in Kenya, we need a better access to employment of Deaf people....this can only happen with unity, soberness and wisdom that Mzee Bubu is trying to foster in Deaf Kenyans.

Let us not be fooled by money, big names, degrees and politics.....Life is more than allowances, money and a big office. Real men and women are people who stand for what is right, just and credible. Mzee Bubu please publish this comment if you are truly for the development of Kenyan Deaf people!!!

Concerned Deafie

Thursday, 01 February 2007

you can email Mzee Bubu here

you can email Mzee Bubu at:



sad news here: BLOGLET not work properly. Mzee Bubu dont know why. Will investigate and inform you.



Correction on Deaf Teachers Website


correction here thanks to Sitara Sheikh and Norma Moran (via Nickson) 4 writing and correcting Mzee Bubu

"""""Norma and I wanted to inform you that the KFDT website address (kenyandeafteachers.tripod.com]) has been shut down due to heavy "pop ups" adveristments and those things will interfere with the one's reading.

The website is still www.freewebs.com/kenyadeafteachers as announced in the 10/18/06 email.

Can you please inform Mzee Bubu because he put the first address on his blog. We don't want the interested readers to be confused.

Asante Sana,

Sitara and Norma"""""


remember new right address: www.freewebs.com/kenyadeafteachers