Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Mzee Bubu not reveal himself

Mzee Bubu saw the comment saying 'who is mzee bubu who is mzee bubu'?

mzee bubu will not tell you who he is. One thing mzee bubu tell you - he is a Kikiyu from central province.

it is not important.

Stop blaming people for who mzee bubu is, stop attacking people for who mzee bubu is.

many of you knows why mzee bubu is here. it is to show you the wrong things you have done. it is also to show you the good things you have done.

remember when newspapers write bad things about Moi, what happen? Moi send his army out to kill or arrest the editors. The world says 'oh my god kenya is bad they want to control everything to hide their bad ways!' remember when Kenyatta do bad things, newspapers write about him. Kenyatta send spys to attack the newspapers.

Remember the Standard fire last March? A group of people tried destroy The Standard office but no, The Standard stay on, continue fight better rights for Kenyans. The Standard supports Deaf community.

There are people who are SCARED SCARED SCARED of Mzee Bubu, they say 'foreign ideology'

what is YOUR IDEOLOGY? (british colonists)

* corruption
* lies
* money stole stole
* eat eat eat
* pretend deaf dont exist
* want see deaf stay the same suffer control by bad people

(before the Dutch missionaries came to Kenya, there were no deaf schools. only for Deaf Indians, if no 'foreign ideology', no deaf schools in Kenya? No deaf teachers. No KNAD, no deaf organisations)


* quality education
* power for deaf community
* KSL rights
* united deaf community
* honesty, open communication
* better wages, safe housing, happy life
* a honest Mzee Bubu (better without mudslinging!!!!!!!)