Monday, 19 February 2007

Kijana Bubu writing

mzee bubu understand why people sometimes use fake names to send comments to mzee bubu, they want the truth to come out, they want to know if truth is truth or lies, mzee bubu is the forum for people to talk, tell, discuss etc. At first it might look bad but deaf community need to talk together, communicate together, work together...mzee bubu the first step forward.

remember: mzee bubu is pro deaf empowerment, pro deaf pride, pro strong KNAD, pro KSL, pro deaf community. Mzee Bubu refuse to print mudslinging in main blog page. Mudslinging limit to comments, becuz deaf kenyans have right to express feeling anger, talk rumours etc, freedom of speech, let them abuse speech but NOT on mzee bubu blog main page, mzee bubu will print worthy comments on the blog page.

mzee bubu want let everyone know that he does not always know who write anoymonous comments no idea who?

another comment from Kijana Bubu...


Mzee Bubu,

I am troubled by Aggrey's comments.

first in the whole of Nairobi Internet costs have come down to one shilling a minute that is 60 bob an hour. A dollar!!! Do not cheat the world Deaf kenyans like myself do check emails everyday atleast once or twice and also get time to check mzee bubu and contribute ideas...

60 bob is less than a beer or enough for chips and soda in downtown nairobi....please do not give us the crap about money and Deaf people being poor.....we are sick and tired of some hearing person telling us of poverty....STOP!!!

If KNDAEP's excutive director is Boniface Inyanya....who is Joel? if he is an employee fire the bugger.....if he is a director too kick him out through your policies....We are tired of your in fightings....please stop crying wolf you are guilty of corruption if you can not deal with him.

KNDAEP is not dead....I have heard from some donor agencies that they are investigating the use of funds that were given....they have also applied for numerous funds but have not gotten any...why??

Mzee Bubu please look at the list of names listed as being misused.....Boniface, Aggrey, Joel....something is not right with this picture.....the attacks are on who? why? please do not try to fool us.... Aggrey is behind all this.

I am concerned because these are the people making the lives of Deaf people miserable in Kenya.

What has KNDAEP done with the funds it got? apart from Tshirts....caps....nice alllowances and travel reimbursements.....some salaries.....some there behavior change for Deaf Kenyans? how many Deaf people are on ART therapy? how many Deaf people counseled and tested know how to live positively? or negatively for those who are not infected?

when Nickson questioned the quality of counselors and issues of proper protocols for HIV counseling testing and care....all of your were in the blog protesting how could he do that how can he attack the DVCTs....

about the pictures you can not complain were there when the pictures were is simple. tell the camera man - this is a private function NO PHOTOs....simple. No whinning and crying wolf. you ate the cake and soda offered at the opening ceremony...mulikula...mulie, muruke ama muraruke. Shida kwenu mara moja! (loosely Interpreted in KSL - you ate, cry, jump/rant, your problem yours!!!)

I dare the writer to tell us who he/she is if they are Honestly interested in defending the interests of Deaf Kenyans. Do not hide under anonymity come out...reveal your self and maintain your dignity....not eating and then crying when the food is finished - PUMBAVU MWENYE KUANDIKA HIO KITU YA KNDAEP.(loosely interpreted in KSL the writer of KNDAEP complaints is an Idiot!)

Still the same one....

mimi huyu huyu

Kijana Bubu aka Concerned Deafie.