Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Mzee Wango of KNAD

Mzee Bubu supports Mzee Wango of KNAD.


If no Mzee Wango, KNAD office will be closed. Gone. No one look after KNAD.

Look at Dominic Maiwa of RSESA (WFD southern and eastern africa) he left after bad corruption bad bad maybe not maiwa's fault maybe his interpreter cheat? mzee bubu not know full story 100% but look what? Wango stay and look after everything. No wage, no pay. Maybe little. He fight for KNAD office to stay open. Money where? Nothing. No help for him. He want to see strong deaf women.

Mzee Bubu respect respect Mzee Wango big big time. kenya first deaf teacher where in western kenya first deaf school first deaf teacher.

mzee bubu love mzee wango who work hard. maybe mzee wango make lots of mistakes. who support wango? very few. no one. wango 100% maybe 95% honest but good heart for deaf community. world deaf community knows wango they like him. Corruption yes at KNAD in the past, bad corruption, why? No accountant to control make sure right way. No training from Sweden. Just drop money bags. Do what? Everyone jump for it. Oh, 1000/= for me please, oh, 5,000/= for her. Who decide? KNAD Board. Not 100% Wango's fault. Wango only serve KNAD Board.

wango hate brief-case organisations, he say they make a lot of trouble for deaf community. bad bad bad. wango fight for deaf rights. not easy when he have 3 wifes and many kids.

jean togo west africa scam man hate wango why? wango strong deaf man. Joel mzungu hate wango why? wango strong deaf man who love deaf community. young strong deafies love wango why wango always encourage say good things try your best. wango awlays have time for everyone. he want see deaf people happy strong and good house good money good eat.

mzee bubu think nickson k. still too young, not wise enough. not a mzee yet. need nickson learn more, first a proper good wage job move up the ladder, become know know, strong, then ready for knad CEO job, replace Mzee Wango. Mzee Bubu not sure about nickson why no proper, lazy, waste time sit at home sleep sleep sleep fart fart fart. bad luo bad luo. Nickson, what use is your gallaudet degree? did they teach you to waste time? SHAME SHAME SHAME!

Yes, Mzee Wango love fishing. He is a good Luo. Good Luos fish all the time, in peace away from everyone's problems troubles