Friday, 16 February 2007

more Kenyans speaking out

Mzee Bubu got an email from Caroline. Mzee Bubu v happy more Kenyans start to speak out express anger or disappointment. Sign of kenya deaf community becoming strong. kenyan deaf leaders can lead deaf organisations no need for mzungu or foreign men to control our lifes.

"...Do you know who is attacking Nickson and Jack? Hawa ni wale kutoka Amerikani, they are lost wazungu, real foreigners who cannot compete in the US job market, wanajifanya tu to be experts in Kenya Deaf community.

Do you know Joel Runnels of GDC is being imposed on Deaf Kenyans by wazungu ndugu in America? Bado he doesnt have a skill or qualified to be a country director. GDC haku advertised the position for competition.

Do you know mzungu agenda in defending Jean Claude? Kwa sababu he wants job kukuwa mkenya simple he wants to stay in Kenya no job for him in the US. how about Kevin Hernderson the pretender? He failed and pocketed money from World bank for Deaf HIV/AIDS project, pia yeye incompetent in liverpool VCT and still being incompetent in HI.

Mzee Bubu please tell us about these foreigners attacking Nickson and Jack especially Joel and Kevin Warnke what is their agenda? They are just hearing foreigners using Deaf Kenyans to build their CV.

I support Nickson's view that all projects meant for Deaf should have Deaf mkuu working with them. Nickson kwa nini wewe umenyamasha? please respond to these foreigners attacking on you, they fear you especially Joel Runnels who posted comment about you.

He is in kenya for women only because he cant take advantage of american women. He wants Norma and bibi ya Jack owiti,

shame on him! Joel ni mwenye Mzee Bubu because he knows what Jean claude is doing in Deaf Aid including counting number of bottles he drinks with donors money.

Ni mimi Caroline..."