Sunday, 25 February 2007

Gloria Okello's Christmas email

Mzee Bubu got it from one of his friends.

Gloria Okello is a Phillipines deaf missionary at Kenya Christian School for the Deaf at Oyugis. Like Ogango's School at Kisii Town, the KCSD is all deaf (deaf teachers and deaf care staff) and it is supported by DMI (Deaf Ministries International which Josephat Mulongo of Nairobi Immanuel Church of the Deaf is involved with.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Gloria Okello
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2006 10:52:39 +0000 (GMT)
Subject: Merry Christmas from KCSD

Dear Praying Friends,

December is here again. The children had their early Christmas Party, after they did their final exams and off they went for their year-end vacation.

This year's party we made exclusive for the children and teachers only. I wanted them to enjoy the food to the fullest of their hearts. They feasted on tilapia fish from Lake Victoria, which was a real treat to them. Here in Kenya fish is a luxury than meat. It was also a yummy treat to our several kids who do not like beef or "hates meat" as they signed it. Everyone receives a surprise gift and exta special gift to those who excelled in academic and extra curricular activities.

Some of you were asking, where the orphan kids go on vacation time. Our orphans has always home to go. Relatives even come early to get them. It is during vacation that they are needed at home. There are works reserves for them to do. Boys, to keep the animals and so much work to do for the girls. Here in Africa, women or girls are the backbones of hard labor. And when school opens, they are always the last one to come. Several of them missed to return. Girls were sent to work as a maid, though too young to do the work. I called it "a child taking care another child." Boys are hired as a full-time herds boy.

Speaking of home, the owner of the house we rented for boys dormitory just waited until we close school and kicked them out. He complained that the deaf missed-up his house. They broke the glasses on the windows, destroyed the doors of the bathroom and toilet. I saw and it was true. I know the deaf. They have no control of the bangings because they can't hear. Same happens to our girls dorm. No glasses on the windows and doors are intact. I had the toilet and bathroom doors repaired several times. So I had no arguments with him. He evaluated the damages and billed me 7,000 shillings. I paid and told the boys to gather all the mattresses, dismantle the beds and move them to our tin sheets building.

I sent Paul and Robert (deaf teachers) to scout for the house. No one is willing to rent us the house if we use for dormitory. Even the old man who previously came to me and offered his house changed his mind. My other concern, if the owner of the house we presently occupied as schools and girls dormitory will also come and claim his property. Where will I take the children. They are growing in numbers.

When I went to follow-up our request of building grants from the Japanese Embassy, that was the saddest day that was ever happened to me. The response was "REGRETS." I felt the whole world collapsed on me. I was the most disappointed person whoever lives on earth that day. The grant officer shook my hands and said sorry. I said, thank you but that was not sincere at all. I took a deep breath and slowly walked to the taxi waiting for me. Just to lift-up my broken spirit I said; "Lord if you closes the doors, I know you will open the windows."

I went to attend the Humanitarian Symposium and I met a nice Christian lady. I shared to her my burdens
and she told me, "keep knocking on the same door."

In November, I made a short trip to the Philippines. I attended the funeral of my eldest brother. Thanks to a very generous lady, only God knows who she is. She made my trip possible. There was a TV game show Deal or No Deal. I was almost tempted to try my luck. I also received an email notice that my email address won in the lottery. I knew very well that it was a part of the Nigerian Scams. But it seems so real and true. I was awarded thousands of Euros. Almost the whole night I was not able to sleep counting for my millions. All I thought was to use the millions to build the schools and there was even extra
left for me.

I know all of the above is not according to God's plan. He has His own way to make things happen. Apostle Paul wrote; "Being confident of this that he who began a work in you will carry it on to COMPLETION until the day of Jesus Christ."
Philippians 1:6

Thank you all for keeping and holding me and the needs of Kenya Christian School for the Deaf in your prayers. God, and you who are behinds me in this work are the source of my strength. Merry Christmas and A

Very Happy New Year.

Committed to His work,