Thursday, 22 February 2007

Alternative Voice of KNAD

VoKNAD emailed MZEE BUBU about his/her new blog. MZEE BUBU v happy see more kenyan deaf blogs out there, more blogs the better for deaf community.

wango, get out and write blog about KNAD! Nickson, you still farting away doing nothing? GET OUT AND WRITE A BLOG! Jean, stop playing with your togo, get out write blog talk about Deaf Aid? Or Ogola too busy licking your togo? Shane Mwangi, you think you're so cool, come out write about your NGO or you talk talk talk doing nothing? Joel Mzungu, we want to know more about GDC, write the gdc blog we want to know your activities! Osano, you still work for KNAD? Where is your blog? Mugwe, will you write blog about how your school will fail, everyone laugh and weep? Or you write to say the truth. Come out, tell us ur story.

deaf kenya have right to know FULL TRUTH

VoKNAD at:

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(from VoKNAD)

I Support KNAD and Mzee Bubus Views

Thank you Mzee Bubu for your patriotism to the Deaf Kenyans; for this, you should be commended on your patriotism views on pertinent issues facing Deaf Kenyans and other disabled and their organizations.

We, by we I mean Supporter of KNAD, Kenyan Deaf social thinkers, honest Deaf right crusaders, all of us support your views in exposing corrupt individuals especially those who have nothing to offer the overage Deaf Kenyan but find it attractive and advantageous in colluding with few unpatriotic Deaf Kenyans to exploit the needs of other honest Kenyan Deafie.

We also understand why those elements are present in our midst, they associate with us, they are our friends, our brothers and sisters, and interpreters and all the so called friends of the Deaf but they are dishonest and pursuing shortcuts to income and ill gotten wealth. Honesty is not in their vocabulary they know only exploitations, extortions and exploiting the Deaf because they think we, the Deaf, are soft targets.

They should realize that they have mistaken Mzee Bubu’s resolve, hitting them hard, hard where it hurt the most by exposing their evil misdeed. Go Mzee Bubu! Go after their fat asses oozing with ill gotten wealth. Put a cork in their assholes. Yeah, a cork not made with tree barks and imported from China or Dubai but one made from our own backyards, Kenya's own Jua Kali made by Kenyan Deaf Artisians.