Friday, 16 February 2007

Jack Owiti's right to reply

Dear Mzee,

my good friend Jack just smsed and emailed me about comments he read on this blog, the issues raised there are not true. He has asked me to let the whole Deaf world know this:

"....I support the initiative that Mzee Bubu has, to create an open space for Deaf Kenyans to vent and to talk about issues troubling them. I do not however support the mudslinging, the personal vendettas and gossip. I would like to inform all that I love my wife and child please do not involve them in Kenyan Deaf politics, gossip and mud slinging. I have NO involvement with the creation, editing or updating of this blog. I appreciate the complement of my IT savvy-ness and I am putting then to productive use and my hands to serving the Deaf Kenyans through Interpreting as the chair of KSLIA..."

that is Jack's message to you to read and make your own judgments. Thanks Mzee Bubu.


Concerned Deafie, Nairobi Kenya.