Tuesday, 27 February 2007

more on Kenya Deaf Welfare Society

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Kenya Deaf Welfare Society

PO Box 13756 -00800
Nairobi 254


Telephone: (254) 0721-564672
Alternate Telephone: (254) 0722-452924
undeafken@yahoo.com; nicedeaf@yahoo.com

The mission of the Kenya Deaf Welfare Society is to enable the Deaf in Kenya to overcome limitations and empower them in order to gain full participation, equalization of opportunities both economically and for their social well-being. The Kenya Deaf Welfare Society areas of expertise are: capacity building, sign language and interpreter training, and establishing programs.

The Kenya Deaf Welfare Society offers the following services: Business and Employment programs, adult education, leadership training, advocacy / lobbying / public policy, peer support, awareness raising, health education (HIV/AIDS and reproductive health), youth with disabilities, refugees, and for the Deaf Blind.