Friday, 09 February 2007

a Deaf Kenyan speaking out

Mzee Bubu is very busy. Sorry for delay.

Mzee Bubu got a v interesting comment from someone. Mzee Bubu can print ur comment without ur name protect secret if u want.


I am unhappy with the secrecy and hidding happening. The Online resource that was being launched is for the benefit of Deaf Kenyans why do it in secret?

We need the attention so that we get Deaf Issues open and read by Deaf and Hearing people esp. the government.

I say it again here loud and clear - Many foreigners come to Kenya thinking we are fools, that we are uneducated....we might be all that BUT we have one thing that they do not have - Street Smart wisdom and sheer hard learnt facts that only being Kenyan and Deaf can give to you.

We know our country, we know our issues - NO FUCKING individual from another country can tell us how to run the fucking issues of developement. Is Enron development? what about the Kyoto protocol? War in Iraq is that a model to follow? Please give us break we have our resource right here leave us the HELL ALONE....

Mzee Bubu is right we need 100% Deaf Teachers in Deaf Schools NOW. The Hearing Teachers MUST SIGN - KSL not some screwed SEE or TC thing.

You may say I am using strong language....allow me to vent my anger and frustrations. What we are seeing is unacceptable and unethical. We need to have these infrastructure BUT we can not have the fate of one million Kenyans decided by a bunch of ass lickers and wankers.

Pardon me, I can call them that because I am a Kenyan Deaf frustrated by this education system that is being controlled by some big shots at KIE, KISE and MOE. We are going into digital resource center BUT just a small consideration of acknowledging KSL as the official language of the Deaf took them 15 years.....please we need more action more powerful decisions not a silent launch of a website or resource center attended by 20 people at a down town hotel with allowances paid to the participants.....NO NO NO HELL NO!

I am rumbling ON and I am not letting go..... becoz our deaf peole must understand that money is not development. donors come and go Kenya is here to stay we have to leave a better world for our children. We would like to see better education accessible to Deaf people, we need to see KNAD functioning and having a voice in Kenya, we need a better access to employment of Deaf people....this can only happen with unity, soberness and wisdom that Mzee Bubu is trying to foster in Deaf Kenyans.

Let us not be fooled by money, big names, degrees and politics.....Life is more than allowances, money and a big office. Real men and women are people who stand for what is right, just and credible. Mzee Bubu please publish this comment if you are truly for the development of Kenyan Deaf people!!!

Concerned Deafie