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Susan Mugwe - fake signature for her Mau's passport


someone forwarded the email to MZEE BUBU it was from November 2006. A lot of people in Kenya knows Susan Mugwe been fired fired from Peace Corps cos fake signature passport for her son Mau. Maybe she was right Mau's father not good won't sign the consent form say yes passport for Mau but still illegal and bad thing. Americans very strict law sometimes bad for Susan. See below for emails between many peace corps volunteers (all americans). Mzee Bubu notice one thing. All american. No one Kenyans.

Does it mean no kenyan wants to help Susan Mugwe? Only Americans? Is it a bad thing or a good thing? Susan Mugwe work hard support deaf community as a teacher, an interpreter, a interpreter trainer, a peace corps boss and a good mother?



Hey guys, I don't know if you've heard, but I just got this e-mail today and
thought I'd pass it on. Apparently Susan Mugwe has recently been fired and is
asking for help in making an appeal to the ambassador. This seems to have been
making the rounds in forwards, but near the bottom is Susan's story, written by
her. I thought I should send it so you can check it out and decide if you want
to do anything to help. I don't know how long ago this happened, but there
might be a couple days left to e-mail the ambassador to help her appeal.


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Date: Sat, 18 Nov 2006 14:50:56 -0500
From: Hadar Dafny Kramer
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Hi All--

Not sure who has had a chance to write a letter to the three people
requested for susan's appeal-- but I figured I would send what I wrote in
case anyone wanted to use it/change it around etc. I think she only has a
few more days left.




Ambassador Ranneberger: RanneberME@...
Ronald Tschetter: rtschetter@...
Henry McKoy: hmckoy@...

Dear Ambassador,

I am writing to help Susan Mugwe, the recently terminated Area Peace Corps
Director, with her appeal. I was an RPCV in Kenya (1998-2000) and had
numerous opportunities to work with Susan and have stayed in touch with her
throughout the past 7 years. Susan has stayed dear to all of us who have
worked with her. I am so sad to hear that the decision has been made to
terminate her for such a minor error on her part as she was doing what was
in the best interest for her son..

For nearly 10 years Susan has put her heart and soul into Kenya’s Peace
Corps program. More specifically, as a former Deaf Education PCV, without
Susan championing the program it would not be to the depth or breadth that
it is currently at today. As volunteers Susan’s regular support enabled us
to be as successful as possible in often very difficult situations. It
appalls me to not only see her leave but to see her future potentially
tarnished. Susan Mugwe is the brightest, most driven, and compassionate
Kenyan woman I know and I am confident that you will do everything in your
power to help her in this appeal.

Please let me know if you have any questions.



>From: "Matthys, Deborah L Ms TACOM-RI"
>CC: "Susan Mugwe (smugwe2003@...)"
>Subject: RE: FW: i need your help -- Susan Mugwe
>Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2006 06:22:02 -0600
>Here's the e-mail addresses you can write to
>Ambassador Ranneberger - RanneberME@...
>Ronald Tschetter - rtschetter@...
>Henry McKoy - hmckoy@...
>I've already sent them an e-mail yesterday to all three above and CC'd
>Mugwe along with some RPCVs expressing my disappointment with Peace
>Corps/Kenya in how they treated Susan. Together, we will work through this.
> _____
>From: Michael Gori [mailto:mikegori@...]
>Sent: Thursday, November 16, 2006 6:11 AM
>Cc: Susan Mugwe (smugwe2003@...)
>Subject: Re: FW: i need your help -- Susan Mugwe
>Does anybody have the Peace Corps Director's & the Africa Region guy's
>e-mails? If yes, please blast these 3 e-mials to everyone. To make it
>easier and more timely for people to act.
>Although this is a CYA (Cover Your Ass) decision by lower level HR folks
>somewhat necessary in this regard, it is a missed opportunity to take a
>stand against gender biased legislation, and an opportunity to stand for
>womens' rights. In keeping with this, although resignation may still be
>highly recommended, if the situation is truly revisited by policy level
>decision makers, the involved organizations could still cover their ass by
>documenting both sides of the resignation, the difficulty of the situation,
>and @ worst leave Susan with the credible support and references required
>get another position within ID in Kenya. That's the least 'they' should do
>when looking @ her former and formal record of service.
>Susan- I will forward some contacts to you in Kenya of a few people I think
>can help with new employment and help in fighting this termination. On a
>related note, is Glenna Snyder still around in Kenya? Her former
>@ the Carter Center would also be a good Kenya based contact for I believe
>she left Kenya to study International Law with a focus on womens' rights.
>Just thinking out loud here folks, hopefully we can come up with what we
>need within the next 5 days or so.
>All the best to all of you, and most of all Susan,
>Michael Gori
>"Matthys, Deborah L Ms TACOM-RI" wrote:
>Please forward it to ALL RPCVs...
>Asanteni Sana,
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>Subject: Fw: i need your help
>Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2006 05:52:03 -0800 (PST)
>Here is Susan's story of what transpired recently that led to her
>termination from PC/Kenya. Please feel free to forward this to other RPCVs
>and take action (writing a letter to the US Ambassador) if you wish.
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>From: susan mugwe
>Sent: Wednesday, November 15, 2006 7:43:30 AM
>Subject: i need your help
>Wow! I don't know what to say. I am so touched and humbled by the many
>emails you have all sent expressing support and love.
>Many of you have been asking how I am...I am angry, hurt, disappointed,
>embarrassed, worried and regretful.
>I know that many of you have expressed that you don't need to know all the
>gory details of what happened but I owe you all an explanation because I
>believe I have let many of you down and disappointed you all.
>I apologize that it is long and boring but for those that will have the
>time, I would like you to know exactly what happened. Also because I am
>asking for you help, I think you need to know what went down and from there
>decide if you still would like to help me or not and I will understand if
>you don't.
>Flashback to last year 2005...I was having a conversation with my son Mau
>and he asked me why I travel all the time and why I couldn't take him with
>me on some of my visits. After some explanation, I promised him that if he
>improved on his grades, I would take him with me the next time I travel.
>Sure indeed, his grades improved and in October I was to travel to Durban,
>South Africa. He was past the age where he could not be endorsed on my
>passport (this means that he could not travel on my passport and I had to
>get him a passport). When I was filling out the forms to apply for his
>passport, I realized there was a requirement that the child's father was
>supposed to sign giving consent that his son could acquire a passport and
>travel. I knew there was no way in hell his father would accept to sign
>form, not because he did not want his son to travel but to pit my son
>against me just out of malice. So because of this reason, and a time
>constraint, (you all remember how things move at supersonic speed in
>I asked a colleague to sign the form. He willingly obliged to do so.
>Fastforward to September 23, 2006. This was the week when I was making
>decisions on trainee placements, making preparations for supervisors
>workshops, preparing supervisors handbooks, making all the logistics for
>workshop, and November 1 is the due date for the annual peace corps report
>to Washington (remember all those tri annual reports you hated doing). The
>week before, my program assistant (PA) was sick and had been hospitalized.
>But when I visited him, he was even telling me he did not understand why
>doctor hospitalized him yet he did not feel that extremely sick. So Sept
>I waited for an hour for the guy to come to work so that we could embark on
>all the things that needed to be done. After two hours, the guy had not
>shown up. So I called him and he told me that he had been given doctors bed
>rest for seven days and was going to be back in the office on Nov 1. Many
>months before I had kept asking him for his trip notes to some of the sites
>he had visited but up till this time, he had not given them to me. Also I
>had asked him to aggregate the numbers from the tri annual reports but he
>still had not done that up till this time. So to make informed decisions
>about where to place trainees, I needed detailed information about those
>sites. When I called him back for the information, he had switched off his
>phone and so I had no access to him. The morning of Sept 24 before I left
>for Kitui (training center) for final interviews with trainees, I wrote Bob
>an email expressing my frustration with this PA switching off his phone. He
>called me back at lunch time asking what I wanted to do about the situation
>and I told him that at the time I wrote the email, I was very frustrated
>had since calmed down and that I had devised an alternative plan for all
>work that was ahead of me.
>Fastforward to September 30 during the supervisors workshop. In the middle
>of facilitating a session, Bob recalled me back to the office. He accused
>of lying to him regarding this PA and that in fact I am the one who had
>harassing him including calling him at 2.30am (usiku).
>But he told me that in fact that was a lesser offence that I had committed
>bigger offence. He told me that he took this PA out for lunch this Sept
>and the PA told him how one year ago, I had coerced him to sign the
>form, that I had threatened him if he didn't sign it and he only signed it
>under duress. Bob told me that he was going to take the matter up straight
>with the Human Resource (HR). I asked him why he was meeting with me
>my accuser and he promised me that he would convene a meeting where the PA
>would be present. I also asked him to separate the issues and to try and
>that this guy was trying to wiggle out of a situation where he had failed
>perform in his duties and was using this as leverage. But Bob, would not
>even hear me out.
>So I received a call on Friday Nov 3 from HR who told me I was on
>administrative leave pending investigations. I was called to the HR office
>on Nov 7 and was questioned at length. There were many other allegations
>from this guy including that I had a romantic relationship with him, that
>some of the students on the pepfar scholarship were my relatives, etc..
>Again on Nov 13, I received another call from HR and they told me to go and
>see them on Nov 14. When I arrived Bob was there and that's when they told
>me that they were terminating my services because of the offence of the
>passport. I got no support from Bob at all. He did not even acknowledge my
>work despite this one mistake.
>Many of you have expressed willingness to help. I truly need your help.
>While being terminated, I was given the option to appeal to the Ambassador.
>If you would like to help, I would request that you email the Ambassador
>(RanneberME@...) or you can send a letter to the American Post Office
>here in the Kenyan Embassy. Unfortunately I don't know the number but I
>believe you guys can find it. If you send an email or write a letter, I
>would request that you confine it to me and don't throw Bob in the mix. It
>should not appear to be mud slinging. Also your subject should start with
>Peace Corps then my name so that they don't delete your emails thinking its
>spam. It would also be very helpful if you would copy Peace Corps
>Washington's director (am not sure of his
>name) and Henry McKoy who is in charge of Africa Peace Corps Programs.
>I may not work in Peace Corps again, but it is important to me that my
>reputation be cleared. It is unfortunate that the context in which I asked
>the PA to sign the form was not considered. This particular requirement is
>very discriminative towards women because Kenyan men are not required to
>their spouses permission to have their kids get passports. Here was a
>who for many years has not cared for his biological son, does not care what
>he eats, wears, if he goes to school, when he is sick etc yet the
>requirement is that he gives his consent??
>Which is a worse crime?? Remember, just because its legal, doesn't mean
>it's right.
>I don't have many days to make my appeal (only 10 and one has already
>lapsed) so I would appreciate if you could write those emails or letters as
>soon as your busy schedules allow you to. For those that I dont have their
>contacts, please feel free to circulate this to them.
>Again, I apologize for the long message and for letting you all down. If
>you can, please help me. Asanteni sana.
>You can reach me on 0723302784.
>Susan Mugwe