Monday, 19 February 2007

One Concerned Deafie Speaking Out

Dear Mzee Bubu,

I am happy to see Joel has taken the mudslinging positively.

I am saying congrats! Kenya needs more of Joel's spirit especially in the Deaf world.

Compared to Jean Claude Adzalla, Joel Runnels, Morrisey, etc Joel Omondi has shown them that you can respond to mudslinging with witt and tact. The posting has actually made you more prominent in the Deaf world than before. Yesterday Church grounds were filled with did you see what was on Mzee Bubu? who is Joel....what did he do? etc etc No one was talking about Deaf AID or GDC or KRITD.....

If indeed Jean has paid Deaf people to gossip and spoil the names of people, we need to deal with all these things.

Wazee watatu seems to be prominent Deaf who is taking care of the mother and has three wives? sounds like Washington Akaranga doesn't it? or Boniface Inyanya Akaranga?

The one behind the posting of Joel's CV is non other than Agrrey Akatsa Akaranga. He is the one updating the disability Kenya website and making trouble for most of the Deaf in Kenya. He has several organizations registered under his Dandora postal Address, his friend Jefwa has an associtation of Interps and he spends his time with his girlfriend somewhere west side of Nairobi on the banks of Nairobi river.

One thing I would like to comment on the OMEDA publications - Joel you must have been doped into believing that SEE signed Exact English is the best language for Deaf children to learn, and acquire language esp English, Kiswahili etc.....MY FRIEND YOU ARE WRONG! the only best way for Deaf children to learn any other language is through a strong STRONG FOUNDATION OF KENYA SIGN LANGUAGE (KSL) which will act as a base for them to learn any other language.

Let's take a linguistical journey...from your name you are probably Luo or Luhya...when you were growing up between ages 1-7 your primary lanaguage must have been luo/luhya, then with 7 years expereince of your mother tongue, you were enrolled in a nursery school which for 90% of time they grilled you with rhymes and theme songs of your native language some kiswahili and then english was intoduced slowly.

by the time you were in class 3/4 then they parmanently switched to English and swahili. It is not DIFFERENT for Deaf children. They are bright children with a unique language of communication.

Next week we will continue the Lesson on Deaf culture....and some fundamentals on Interpreting.

Sorry Joel this letter was ment for you BUT it touches on issues that I believe will enlighten the rest of the world about Deaf Kenya and it's intricacies....

Mzee Bubu with your permission please publish for my friends to be enlightened.

My biggest issues are:

1. Who does the Dandora three think they are? They do not 'bwogo' -shock- anyone. We are fearless....

2. Aggrey needs to explain to the Deaf why all the Dandora organizations are registered with one postal address? are they his and his brother? are they briefcase NGO's?? what funding have they received or expecting?

3. Jefwa Mweri....what the hell are you doing establishing a KNSLIA - an interpreters assosciation? are you an Interpreter? how many years have you practiced as an interp? what did you discuss at WASLI? what did your friend Akatch promise you? Deaf Kenyans want to know.

4. Christine Ondicho, Mary, Vickie, Liz, Leo what do you know of Jean's entry in Kenya and his first initial meetings trying to establish KRITD? who represented Interps in those meetings? We deaf in kenyan want to know which kenyans are betraying us...we know for sure Washington Akaranga is one, Wango is number two, Ogolla are in the game of getting money from these foreigners.

5. Interpreters in Kenya - mr KSLIA chairman Jack Owiti....where is the association? who are the officials? are you working with KRITD or Jefwa or you are alone as an association. mr. chairman please focus on your job stop sleeping.

thanks Mzee



Concerned Deafie in Nairobi, Kenya.