Friday, 09 March 2007

Jean Claude and Ogola the Car Mirrow Steal Man

mzee bubu is v v busy.

some points here:

1. someone left a comment saying that jean is good cos he have one wife and one soon baby. Oh did you know Jean have another wife in Togo? With a kid as well. That is what Mzee Bubu heard. Mzee Bubu heard that Jean was the lover of Marit the Deaf Aid Chair (very very very unprofessional) but no proof.

2. some people have left comments in Mzee Bubu comments using Jean's name. Mzee Bubu was told it is not Jean's writing - it is someone who fake use Jean name.

OGOLA - did you steal the car sidemirror?

KNAD steal car mirrors? The KNAD Chair steal car mirrors. Mean the KNAD way steal car mirrors?

Go away, Ogola, go back to your gardening

Wednesday, 07 March 2007

let's wait for 29 March

someone wrote:

"...Mzee Bubu has stopped writing dirty and mad about JC because Mzee Bubu is totally happy with JC because he is learinig Kenya sign language and is in the process of designing Deafaid advisory board which due on march 29. Jean is taking our concerns and issues more seriously than before please join me in congralatuting him with great respect and honnor..."

Mzee Bubu still wait for deafaid advisory board meet 29 march see positive or bad. Not 100% sure. wait and see.

maybe jean change improve better? Can he sign KSL now?

mzee bubu waits.

another one from Kijana Bubu


Hey hay hey!!!

Kijana Bubu here we are not against Jean having a wife, baby or wives and babies....We are against people coming into Kenya, walking all over our faces, lying to us and thinking that we are uneducated, stupid and blind.

If we need to learn anything from Jean it is one thing - The Brain Drain in Africa runs from North to south. Foolish people can actually leave their mother country and come to another shouting, granting and sweating propergating the Ideals of a western culture in the name of development..empowerment and benevolence. that is the only lesson we can learn from him. please do not lie to the Deaf Kenyans.

Call it discrimination or whatever - if indeed the wife/girlfriend is working for Deaf AID then what is that? I think they call that nepotism or conflict of interest in the west?

If you are man enough Jean respond to these allegations - We have information on Kisii, Karen, KIE and KNAD projects.....

Kijana Bubu is willing to take you to task.....Jean, Kevin and Deaf AID sympathizers - Tell us what projects - Sustainable projects are you giving Kenyans, are they empowering? who in KIE can sustain the web based learning? do we have the infrastructure for empowering the stakeholders? why are you hording the KNAD report? did SHIA promise to fund them through Deaf AID?

I could go on and on BUT it is pointless for me to rumble on yet
I forget that you are Cyberphobic or is it a blogfreak?

More on Deaf AID....
KIE Project
KNAD - SHIA standoff
Kisii - Project White Elephant or what?
Karen - What is the deal?
KRITD - the latest

Kijana Bubu through this blog will be asking the hard questions many people are unable to ask BOLDLY.

Mzee please publish this hot is time we sent some people packing - 2007 is an election year in Kenya we need to get new leadership in all spheres of life including Deaf Kenya.\

Kijana Bubu

Monday, 05 March 2007

Joseph Ogola and Deaf Aid

Joseph Ogola: KNAD Chair
used to work for CMA: work what? Mzee Bubu dunno.
his old school: Nyangoma

he criticised Jean at Deaf Aid say bad man, robber, greedy.


OH YES, LORD JEAN, YES I WILL DO ANYTHING FOR YOU. JUST GIVE ME MONEY! ogola woofs like dog. big stupid dog.

now what happens? Ogola go and teach Jean KSL in Deaf Aid office.

Teach KSL or lick Jean's expensive leather shoes?

you are the KNAD Chair, Joseph Ogola, yet you are reduced to be Jean's shoelicker?

no hope for kenya deaf community.

more about Ogola at:

mzee bubu prays for your soul, Ogola, mzee bubu weeps for your soiled soul - go back to your gardening where you tend to God's creation without thinking wicked thoughts...go back to your gardening!

Sunday, 04 March 2007

jean claude still in hiding

where are you jean?

busy with ur wife in ur office? A new baby yet? we know ur wife pregnant. you use deaf aid money to look after ur wife, u give her job etc. will you register the baby with the norwegian embassy yes? or you say no no cos you want all the money for yourself?

deaf community memory same as elephant, long time memory. We will never forget you. You hide hope we will forget but no we will wait for you.

we heard u still see other women rather than work deaf aid.

happy busy paying joseph ogolla knad chair to polish your shoes? will u pay him 1,000 just to do ur garden?

when will u buy ur ticket go back 2 norway or togo we dont need u!

Thursday, 01 March 2007

Suggestions for KNAD

Mzee Bubu got that suggestion from someone...


Suggestions for the Kenyan National Association of the Deaf

The amount of work KNAD is expected to do for the Deaf Community seems almost overwhelming, considering the high level of discrimination toward Deaf people face in Kenya and the many needs that they have. Also overwhelming is the vast amount of work that must be done in so many areas (legislation, health, education, job training, and employment).

The participants in this study, through their responses, give us an idea of where to begin. Over half of the respondents (42) believed that the major barrier that prevents the Deaf community from advancing in society and which has prevented them from receiving appropriate assistance from organizations is their own lack of a quality education to advocate for themselves. There is no accurate data to estimate the number of deaf children who have attended school or have graduated from educational programs. Yet, even those deaf adults who did attend school believe their education was unequal to that of the hearing students’, and of such low quality that they can not advance in society. When asked what program or service believed to most important to establish in order to overcome all of the barriers and challenges in society that they lived in, overwhelmingly, the highest number of responses indicated the Deaf community believed a quality education was necessary to advance in society.

Initially then, the education of deaf children seems where the work should begin. As mentioned earlier, it is imperative that organizations striving to improve the lives of deaf people, work alongside and with deaf people. The Kenyan National Association would be the organization which represents the interests of the deaf. Yet, KNAD is struggling to be an effective organization. Therefore, the researchers believe there should be an initial focus on making KNAD the representative voice of the Deaf community where educators, organizations, legislators, and members of the deaf community can come for guidance and information.

KNAD should:

• Request funding for leadership training which teaches deaf leaders from throughout Kenya which would teach skills in how to run an organization (this may include reviewing and revising their constitution), how to apply for large grants, how to run programs and projects, how to advocate for themselves at the national and local level, and information on national and international policies, laws, and standards concerning people with disabilities.

• Not concentrate all of its power only in the head office in Nairobi, but share resources and responsibilities to the fifteen affiliate branches.

• Should have more roles in management of Kenya Sign Language research project at Nairobi University instead of leaving it in the hands of hearing who has little interest and hardly do research or update Kenya sign Language. There is need to filled up the research project with Deaf Linguistic specialists and open it up programs to train professional interpreters

• Collaborate with other governmental and non-governmental organizations working with or for people with disabilities in Kenya.

Economic development (job training) so KNAD is self-sustainable. Collaborate with other organizations in effort to improve Deaf community. Have a working partner that fund sustainable projects which it oversees. Work with schools by offering leadership workshops, sending successful deaf people to interact with Deaf kids so as to be their role model. Create Scholarships programs for the deaf students in school and help teachers with the history of the deaf and Deaf culture.

from Anthony Nderitu

Dear Friends,

Thank you very much for the nice comments you made on an article i wrote on a deaf wedding at Kerugoya that was published at Mzee Bubu. I need clarify that i did not send it to Mzee Bubu myself. Up until now i did not even know about it until a friend directed me to the website. I had written the article upon request by someone who must have redirected it to Mzee Bubu. Nevertheless i was pleased to read it too, more so your hilarious comments, especially that anonymous one on Kerugoya ("KERUGOYA SCHOOL FOR THE DEAF TOP SCHOOL DEAF KENYA?") that had me rolling down in mirth. My gratitudes to Shane too, who otherwise did not leave her contacts so that i would thank her directly.

You are nice guys and Mzee Bubu has revealed to me the other side of the deaf, that it is not all about petty squables and quarrels over donor AIDS money, as i am used to seeing wherever i look or read. (Honestly this has painted the deaf (or rather its leadership) badly, and keeps others who would otherwise have wanted to participate in the development of the deaf away. I am one, a admit!!).

God bless you all.

Anthony Nderitu.