Friday, 09 March 2007

Jean Claude and Ogola the Car Mirrow Steal Man

mzee bubu is v v busy.

some points here:

1. someone left a comment saying that jean is good cos he have one wife and one soon baby. Oh did you know Jean have another wife in Togo? With a kid as well. That is what Mzee Bubu heard. Mzee Bubu heard that Jean was the lover of Marit the Deaf Aid Chair (very very very unprofessional) but no proof.

2. some people have left comments in Mzee Bubu comments using Jean's name. Mzee Bubu was told it is not Jean's writing - it is someone who fake use Jean name.

OGOLA - did you steal the car sidemirror?

KNAD steal car mirrors? The KNAD Chair steal car mirrors. Mean the KNAD way steal car mirrors?

Go away, Ogola, go back to your gardening