Thursday, 01 March 2007

from Anthony Nderitu

Dear Friends,

Thank you very much for the nice comments you made on an article i wrote on a deaf wedding at Kerugoya that was published at Mzee Bubu. I need clarify that i did not send it to Mzee Bubu myself. Up until now i did not even know about it until a friend directed me to the website. I had written the article upon request by someone who must have redirected it to Mzee Bubu. Nevertheless i was pleased to read it too, more so your hilarious comments, especially that anonymous one on Kerugoya ("KERUGOYA SCHOOL FOR THE DEAF TOP SCHOOL DEAF KENYA?") that had me rolling down in mirth. My gratitudes to Shane too, who otherwise did not leave her contacts so that i would thank her directly.

You are nice guys and Mzee Bubu has revealed to me the other side of the deaf, that it is not all about petty squables and quarrels over donor AIDS money, as i am used to seeing wherever i look or read. (Honestly this has painted the deaf (or rather its leadership) badly, and keeps others who would otherwise have wanted to participate in the development of the deaf away. I am one, a admit!!).

God bless you all.

Anthony Nderitu.