Wednesday, 07 March 2007

another one from Kijana Bubu


Hey hay hey!!!

Kijana Bubu here we are not against Jean having a wife, baby or wives and babies....We are against people coming into Kenya, walking all over our faces, lying to us and thinking that we are uneducated, stupid and blind.

If we need to learn anything from Jean it is one thing - The Brain Drain in Africa runs from North to south. Foolish people can actually leave their mother country and come to another shouting, granting and sweating propergating the Ideals of a western culture in the name of development..empowerment and benevolence. that is the only lesson we can learn from him. please do not lie to the Deaf Kenyans.

Call it discrimination or whatever - if indeed the wife/girlfriend is working for Deaf AID then what is that? I think they call that nepotism or conflict of interest in the west?

If you are man enough Jean respond to these allegations - We have information on Kisii, Karen, KIE and KNAD projects.....

Kijana Bubu is willing to take you to task.....Jean, Kevin and Deaf AID sympathizers - Tell us what projects - Sustainable projects are you giving Kenyans, are they empowering? who in KIE can sustain the web based learning? do we have the infrastructure for empowering the stakeholders? why are you hording the KNAD report? did SHIA promise to fund them through Deaf AID?

I could go on and on BUT it is pointless for me to rumble on yet
I forget that you are Cyberphobic or is it a blogfreak?

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Kijana Bubu through this blog will be asking the hard questions many people are unable to ask BOLDLY.

Mzee please publish this hot is time we sent some people packing - 2007 is an election year in Kenya we need to get new leadership in all spheres of life including Deaf Kenya.\

Kijana Bubu