Monday, 05 March 2007

Joseph Ogola and Deaf Aid

Joseph Ogola: KNAD Chair
used to work for CMA: work what? Mzee Bubu dunno.
his old school: Nyangoma

he criticised Jean at Deaf Aid say bad man, robber, greedy.


OH YES, LORD JEAN, YES I WILL DO ANYTHING FOR YOU. JUST GIVE ME MONEY! ogola woofs like dog. big stupid dog.

now what happens? Ogola go and teach Jean KSL in Deaf Aid office.

Teach KSL or lick Jean's expensive leather shoes?

you are the KNAD Chair, Joseph Ogola, yet you are reduced to be Jean's shoelicker?

no hope for kenya deaf community.

more about Ogola at:

mzee bubu prays for your soul, Ogola, mzee bubu weeps for your soiled soul - go back to your gardening where you tend to God's creation without thinking wicked thoughts...go back to your gardening!