Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Mzee Bubu - in Disability Kenya

Mzee Bubu is everywhere where disability kenya website, deaf international development website.

mzee bubu very happy because very important first full information make deaf community very strong. Mzee Bubu is for deaf kenyans not hearing kenyans and mzungu's.


:: The Mzee Bubu Storm in Kenya just wont go away!

A new blogspot with a name easily translated to an Old Deaf person was recently initiated and going by the type of stormy articles posted someone would think Jean Claude of Deaf AID has quite an enemy.

Mzee Bubu however has brought with it interesting behaviour change among the deaf individuals and organisations working in the deaf community. The blog many local deaf people associate with Nikson Kakiri who finished his undergraduate class recently in the Gallaudet University and came back to Kenya a fully flegded development scholar seems to have finally found a footing to jump start his shaky return. Although he catergorically denies it, many deaf people i spoke to thought only Nickson could have such a mind and capability. But Nickson does not come from or work in Central Province as the blog says.

The Blog officially known for promoting pride of the deaf and whose name if you would wish to search is claims to say nothing but the truth about what is happening to the deaf community in Kenya. Quite a number of the initial articles are somehow related to Jean- Claude bashing. Who has replied discreetly through one of his assistants Kevin Wanke. Jean has denied all the allegations of corruption, misuse ofthe deaf under his staff, not promoting Kenya Sign Language within his programmes etc.

Further investigations link the blog to a former Peace Corp Volunteer working with connections in Kenya who many think is the role Nikson Plays. Who then collects some of the main information on various subtopics and send them to the blogger.

However there are quite a number of positive aspects of the new developments. We hope more deaf poeple would express themselves in writing such articles and more would express their opinion on issues as openly as possible. Learning and reading english has been a challenge for many including quite a number of leaders. It is our prayer that they will take this opportunity and not only express their opinion but also improve their written and read english.

The role of the internet is increasing at such a high speeed and the youth with various communication disabilities need not be left behind. Mzee bubu is a great opportunity to clear some of the issues while building some of the skills we dearly need.

Some have however complained bitterly about the language the blogger uses. Most are people who may not have experience with the deaf world. The deaf world especially in Kenya express themselves openly. Very few except Peter Wango whose article in Mzee Bubu also happens to be a battle with Global Deaf Connection is known to be able to look at the posiotive side of anything.

Jean Claude and Deaf Aid seem to be in someones agenda and this seems to attract the most vitrol. Most of the words are clearly below the belt and some one seems to be using the scene to try and make Jean leave Deaf Aid Kenya. Questions however arise like does Jean have a wife back home? What is the role of the kenyan wife? Jean who happens to be a good friend of mine is also smart to have kept quiet especially that the blog could be read by his donors, some of who were in Kenya recently.

Other interesting stories include the confusion in Deaf VCT and donor battles between LVCT and HI,

The Blog is also increasingly informative. Many organisations are coming clean and telling all whta exactly they do and where. Who they are working with and in what areas. This is very good and is also one of the positive benefits of the blog. A good example is CBM kenya and its operations in the deaf community.

There are also increasing an advocay tools with themes like more deaf teachers in deaf schools. More jobs for the deaf in organisations funded and working in Kenya. Better inclusion in organisations that work with communities. Inclusion it seems means more deaf leaders represented in boards funded and working in Kenya. More inclusion of the umbrella organisations like KNAD in some strategic decsion making. These are important issues at the centre of the battle with Jean Claude. However indications are that some of the deaf leadsers making most noise about Jean claude also had the pices of cake jean dolled to them early when he started.

But Abdulkadir who uses a scanned letterhead of KNDAEP and claims to be an information officer of the organisation working in somalia! is quite the kind of staff not to expect. He claims that because he did not get a job with LVCT therefore LVCT is a bad organisation. Being a proffessioinal counselor as he claims it would be wiser to sort out his issues with LVCT in a better way. I wonder which KNDAEP he represents claims one of the KNDAEP board members. It is illegal to use a letterhead without officially being sanctioned by the board. He does should be using his skills seeking for funds for the KNDAEP and not bashing other people.

I am the spirit of Kenya's Deaf Community. I am Honesty, Humbleness and Goodness. I will tell nothing but the honest truth. I will reveal people's evil doings. is objective of the blog. So beware your evil doing could be on the blog tommorow.

02 February 2007