Monday, 12 February 2007

Oi Jean Claude some messages for you!

comment today posted at 8am: no name

Mzee Bubu calls for Deaf Kenyans to unite to chase Jean Claude from Kenya, but our Deaf leaders are too busy attending Jean Claude's workshops to show support and praise from the same Deaf Community. You ask Deaf Kenyans to threaten one moment, but then they beg the other. How does that work? A Deaf Kenyan attends Jean Claude's workshops and meeetings, likes his work, collects allowance and goes away happy. How can you again ask him to chase Jean Claude from Kenya? and why? This is repeated between Deaf Kenyans and many NGOs in Kenya, not just Jean Claude. How do we resolve this?


another comment by a CONCERNED DEAFIE at 9.33am

Thanks Mzee for publishing my comments.

As for my Deaf Kenyan friends going for allowances and meetings to 'Eat and Drink' one day we will have the repayment.

BUT for now you can see that happens, we have no development in the Deaf community in Kenya. We do not have an Association, No good Education, No employment for Deaf Kenyans and again there are no services to support the Deaf. WHY?

You the leaders are busy eating and fillling your stomach with development money.....

God forgive them! for the blood of the needy, poor and dying Deaf Kenyans are on their hands.