Monday, 19 February 2007

Joel Omondi's response

from omondi joel -
to Mzee Bubu -
date 16-Feb-2007 13:49
subject Re: you are on MZEE BUBU

Hey Mzee

Hey today you made my day. Actually i thought i had more serious friends than that!!! I love what you guys are doing and as a matter of fact there is nothing to defend or support.

I actually expected more serious staff bwana like stories about omondi and women or how i slept with some one wife or something like that!

The only thing i wish to deny is that i am NOT mzee Bubu as you already know. Although i enjoy being associated with it. But i support Your work one hundred million percent.....

And I have the unique position of being the only person in Mzee Bubu with a "CV"!!! what a prestigious position!! I thought i am some worthless person little did i know There are people who consider me such highly!

But am disapointed! I expected something harsher than that. Lets wait for more and hear!!!


Joel Omondi