Sunday, 21 October 2007

let's replace Jean Claude with Kevin Warnke

Jean Claude is useless. A big joke. Embarrassment to his mama.

Washington Akranga of KSLRP
Joseph Ogola of KNAD
Mzee Wango of KNAD
Rahab Mumbi of LVCT

They gone sit at Jean's office, praising togo mzungu saying Deaf Aids has been working good until until some people came with mzee bubu. Bad Mzee Bubu. Bad Mzee Kiziwi!

Where are your thanks, Akranga and Ogola?

Oh, Washington Akranga, dont forget that KSLRP is still a KNAD project don't pretend you are independent. You are not independent. You will never be. If you disrespect and ignore the KNAD, you disrespect Kenya deaf community!!! When Professor Okoth is gone, who will look after you? KNAD. University of Nairobi not interested in you!

You have your mother living with you where your house in Rongai and you been good son to her been respect. Ok. KNAD set up KSLRP. KNAD is a good mother to KSLRP. You not respect the mother of KSLRP.

Washington Akaranga and Joseph Ogola have no PRINCIPLES.

Their only principles is what? If money there, they will do anything for it. Washington Akranga have three wife and many children. He need the money. His own family comes first, the deaf tribe come second, last? Sad, sad, sad!

two faced?!? :-(

shame shame shame shame!

Wango........Mzee Bubu gets to hear more about you. He sad cry, deaf future not your problem. Your future your problem.