Tuesday, 15 May 2007

a letter from a HH teacher

Mzee Bubu got this letter from someone who was asked by one of the teachers at Humble Hearts.

Mzee Bubu wants say sorry not 100% full information. Want see 100% truth he agrees.


Dear Mzee Bubu,

I do hope you will publish this as I know you will want to see the truth being exposed and all that.

some teachers at Humble Hearts have got in touch with me about your comments about Humble Hearts. They have said that:

Beatrice is quite good with the children - she is often a teacher to them for almost nothing (no pay etc) and a mother of the children there. Often she is more than a mother to them when their own mothers don't have time for them - a lot of love is given.

She always have the time for deaf people there - she often believe that deaf people's skills come first - that is why Humble Hearts is Kenya's first proper bilingual school where KSL and English are used equally.

With her drive, the School is running quite smooth, following the KCPE/KCSE curriculum.

She have a very good relationships with the teachers - very friendly to them, often being there for them when they need help. If the teacher have problems etc, she is always there for them as a friend.

Her work is professional.

The salary she pays the teacher usually accords to what the school budget is i.e. if lower the budget is, the lower the wages will be - as the School is not funded by the Government yet. Humble Hearts is a private-run school to support the deaf children.

If she go and pay the teachers the higher wage, the children will not have their free meals etc - they would strave and get malnutrition - that is not the proper way of learning things at Humble Hearts. We have to look after our children here and ensure that they will never go hungry or naked when at school.

Of course, it would be lovely if we can have more money but where can we find the money? Beatrice works 24 hours 7 days trying to find more money and it is not easy for everyone here. In fact, when we have staff meetings, we would talk about our lives and our hardship, she would always say that she wish she have the money to pay us well so we can lead a very comfortable life. That applies to deaf and hearing teachers - in fact we are paid much the same.

If we are frustrated and not happy with our wage, we can leave the school by now - but look at us, we are still there - it is because we believe in Beatrice's vision in providing quality education and a loving atmosphere for our children. That is why we are quite satisified with our work cos we enjoy coming into the school and doing our part.

Perhaps you can help us by getting people to donate more money to the School - it is the only school in Kenya where our teachers are fairly knowledgeable on KSL rights, KSL Linguistics etc etc - we do have teachers who often interpret for our children etc - in fact we do have an interpreter-in-training working here as a teacher.

If you can help, help us then :-)


one teacher at Humble Hearts