Monday, 07 May 2007

Rest in Peace, Dr Albert, We Shall Miss Ya

PLANE WRECKAGE UNCOVERED IN CAMEROON. Searchers in southern Cameroon have found the wreckage of a Kenya Airways plane that went missing on Saturday, officials confirmed. The plane, which originated in Ivory Coast, came down after taking off in heavy rain from Douala en route to the Kenyan capital, Nairobi. The Boeing 737-800 was carrying 114 people from more than 20 countries and was found in mangroves close to the airport in Douala, officials said. An airline spokesman confirmed an American, Dr. Albert Henn, was among passengers.


* the director of Liverpool VCT Services in Kenya.


* Dr Albert made Liverpoolo VCT a positive model of a inclusive and progresive employer by working with the Deaf community by employing Deaf people themselves to run their VCT program.

* Dr Albert gave our 15 deaf people the good jobs at VCT even thought most of them do not have academic qualifications. Dr Albert gave them generous pays which is a positive step forward. He trained them first before employing them.

* He had been working since 2003 (ish)

* over 6,000 deaf have received VCT services. If not for Dr Albert, more and more deaf people will die from HIV/AIDS. He gave a lot of deaf people the hope much needed.

* He did many other things but he gave Kenya's deaf community a strong sense of pride and empowerment by respecting us.

We shall miss you, Dr Albert Henn. May you rest in peace and that your work will be continued. For that we will never forget you. And that there will be a palace awaiting your arrival as you much deserve for your hard efforts.

yours in our Father's hands,

Kenya's Deaf Community