Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Jacob Mwaniki Ireri

MZEE BUBU not know if it is true but read on


from (comments)

We have learnt that Jacob Mwaniki Ireri who was a student at Machakos Teacher College is now at Gallaudet University becoming the second young man from Kenya to go to Gallaudet only 3 weeks after graduating from MTC after Nickson Kakiri.This point emphasizes that any deaf person can get something prosperous provided he/she works harder for
the benefits of the less fortuneaa.Before Joining Gallaudet,jacob has established a Self Help Project in his own district that has so far been benefting deaf persons in Embu,Njeri.Mwea and Mbeere and even part of Meru.He also was the among top 300 winners who participated in believe begin become competition organized by Ministry of youth Affairs.He surprised many as he was the only deaf person.However,he got two luckies at the same time.He chose to go to Gallaudet instead of attending the seminar for MOYA.Jacob proposed to implement a foundation to be named `Jacob Foundation`to ovesee how to meet the needs of Deaf Young Women especially in areas of Family planning,jobs creation and acquistion and to ovesee how they can learn more about business.Jacob will continue to work with Central Kenya Deaf Association where he has been General Secretary,he believes deaf dreams to come into reality lies into CKDA,.jacob appealled to deaf Kenyans in Kenya to be cooperative in every efforts and that is one way to reach a grea length of development.`Competition for success is a killer`