Monday, 17 September 2007

update on GDC job

Mzee Bubu got info from his informer who asked Nickson Kakiri the Chair of GDC Kenya yesterday.

The email that is sent to Mzee Bubu seemed 100% genuine but big false look. No proof it is Peter Wango. Who?

No confirm who got the job. Nickson with clean pants have no idea. Joel with dirty pants have an idea but laugh laugh say mzungu powerful. Kenyans nothing. No power.

1. Mzee Bubu knows Peter Wango and Mzungu-eyed Dominic have applied for GDC job. They desperate, desperate!

2. Joel wants Stephen M. - but Stephen M. fired from CARE Kenya why why?

3. Joel got no management skills. Jamaica Deaf Federation say Joel not good. They not give him top level jobs. They do not trust him. You can ask Jamaica Deaf Federation. No one want Joel Mzungu in Jamaica. Jamaica very stong ask him leave leave. They complain Joel smell, no wash.

Management + Joel = NIL

4. GDC have no office in Kenya. They pretend they got it. Where is it?

5. Mzee Bubu heard hear Joel will leave Kenya when December go back 2 America. Stay there for good. Deaf Kenyans very happy. No tear tear cry for Joel Mzungu. They will not give him the Kisii soap as good bye leaving present.

6. Joel make more rules stupid rules for deaf students at Machakos. He now the principal of Machakos Teacher College?

7. no interpreter for the deaf teacher at Kenyatta. Many many promises by Joel and his dirty pants. No support. The teacher suffer confused lost not understand. now back in luoland confused angry.

8. Joel Mzungu go and clean his dirty pants first. Then clean his bad management skills. Stop drinking kumi kumi with Nickson. Nickson have his pants washed clean every day by Opiyo his housegirl.