Tuesday, 03 April 2007

GDC Kenya


(mzeebubu got it from gdc mailout - see see)

Almost ten years after the concept of Global Deaf Connection was "born" in Kenya, the "cycle of success" has come full round to establish a local Board of Directors to formally register the organization in country as Global Deaf Connection/Kenya (GDC/K), and give more local oversight and direction of its activities..

Initially, a core group of GDC/K Board of Directors was selected from the Head Office. Appointments were Deaf and hearing professionals whom had a history of activism as individuals, and in organizations, promoting the development of the Deaf Community and education in Kenya. This group met in Nairobi in January, and identified additional members to make complete the GDC/K Board of Directors.

Currently the GDC/K Board of Directors is composed of seven Deaf and five hearing members, with one ex-official member.
The GDC/K Board of Directors is committed to working amongst themselves, and with its stakeholders, to create quality, appropriate, sustainable education for Deaf Kenyans.

MZEEBUBU: Nickson now the chair of GDC Kenya. Mzee Bubu glad see Nickson work a bit not sit fart fart.