Tuesday, 03 April 2007

shane mwangi resign KDCT chair

mzee bubu got this from his mate who is mate of shane mwangi


Jambo everyone!

I want to let you know that I have handed in my resignation notice to the Kenya Deaf Children Trust as the chairman. Increasing workloads in the KDCT and that I may move to Amsterdam to study General Linguistics which I will put use to my KSL research which is important for Kenya. Circumstances have made it difficult for me to deliever my duties as the KDCT Chairman and I have recommended Katrina Gwynne-Jones to become the acting chairwoman as I feel she is the most suitable one for the position and that she will ensure that KDCT will continue on. I may stay on the KDCT Committee as I believe that KDCT is a worthy cause for everyone to support - and that KDCT will need all the support they can get.

Let's support Katrina and Kenya Deaf Children Trust!


Shane (Mwangi) Gilchrist Ó hEorpa
Kenya Deaf Children Trust