Sunday, 22 April 2007

update re Jean Claude and Norwegian Deaf Aid

MZEE BUBU wait wait.

Jean-Claude's Advisory Board meeting is a face-show. Just show good big smile-teeth.

* good writings on paper but not on ground work.

* one hearing asked JC why resource centre in Kisii strong village bush, not Nairobi where easy accessible?

* Deaf involved not ask questions. Just sat and ate pizza. More pizza. Eat more pizza. Lovely coke, thank you.

* They got 1,000/= each.

* Ogola talked saying wonderful JC he is the best, praise his good work.

Marit the big boss mzungu from Europe own Deaf Aid. Marit was silent no word like she has no idea.

In JC's invitation letter, JC said KNAD can go send one representative but KNAD end up having Wango & Ogola.

Washington Akranga went for big allowance elsewhere so he sent Ouma Dominic Majiwa to represent KSLRP.

JC was just pleasing Marit and it looks like JC is more powerful than Marit in Deaf Aid, he just using her to collect Norwegian funds. Poor Marit dont know anything and being fooled by business papers.

What you think, deaf community of Kenya, good or bad?

let Mzee Bubu know!