Monday, 16 April 2007

KSL Research Project

Mzee Bubu wants to know:

with the help of Europe, KNAD have set up a KSL Research Project at University of Nairobi. Even now, it is still a KNAD/UoN joint project yet the people at KSLRP make lies saying that they are independent not part of anyone or anything.

Only Washington Akranga's two wives work there make KSLRP look like a family project yes, Pauline and Francisca (Daniel Ogembo's ex wife). Is it professional?


* why are there no research lately?

* why is there no proper KSL dictionary?

* why is washington akranga always away teaching? Where do the money go to? Washington Akranga went to Deaf Aid meeting and ate the pizza there and he got 1000/= for attending. Did he give the money to KSLRP or did he pocket it?

* why is KSLRP more of a language center than a proper research project?

* why is very little research and academic papers printed?

* what does jefwi want?

* why does washington akranga have no university qualifications?

* why is there no interpreter training?

* why do KSLRP not work with Maseno University?

* why does washington's two wives work in the same office?

* What do Professor Okoth actually do? Why do he say silly stories in his CV saying that he have set up everything for deaf people in Africa and that deaf people are very thankful to him. He did almost nothing for deaf people and he have no real knowledge of sign linguistics.

* why is KSLRP a big embarrassment for sign linguists?