Friday, 26 January 2007

Albert M. Abdulkadir of KNDAEP writes

Jambo, Mwenzangu vizi!

Mzee Bubu's friends got a very strange letter (on KNDAEP headletter) from Albert M. Abdulkadir of KNDAEP?!?

Mzee Bubu wants to confirm Nickson is not Mzee Bubu different person. Mzee Bubu agrees with many of Nickson's views. Mzee Bubu knows Nickson sometimes make trouble but many good leaders make trouble change society look at Martin Luther King,_Jr.

Martin Luther King made many trouble fighting for black rights in america yet many white americans still think he is bad but black americans think he wonderful man good heart for black community.

same for Kenyatta. He fight for Kenya to be independent strong good rich away from bad white British. British say Kenyatta a bad man, trouble maker. Many people helped Kenyatta but people blame kenyatta for other people things? no no.

Mzee Bubu weeps because people think mzee bubu is nickson, batholomew, wango, shane, joel, osano, ogembo. Not true, not true! Mzee Bubu lives in kenya, strong heart deaf community, views from deaf heart deaf life deaf tribe. Mzee Bubu wants to help deaf Kenyans know everything. Deaf Kenyans have the BIG RIGHT to know everything. No hiding from Mzee Bubu!


Mzee Bubu weeps why? Deaf Kenyans fight each other. Mzee Bubu only tell the truth and what happened so people will know. Kenya's deaf community have 100% right to have know of all - access to information. Deaf organisations responsible, accountable and answerable to deaf community. If no deaf community, no deaf organisations.


Again Mzee Bubu weeps.


(from Albert M. Abdulkadir of KNDAEP)

January 26, 2007

Dear Nickson Kakiri,

Habari yako, Mzee Bubu!

My name is Albert M. Abdulkadir. I am writing to you in my personal capacity to refute the strange and unfounded allegations against RATN and KAPC found in

These two organizations are highly respected in Kenya and the world. They have gone out of their way to try and help the Deaf community of Kenya, through HIV/AIDS awareness, education and counseling.

I could never have became a professional Counselor if I was not assisted by RATN and KAPC. I and many Deaf students received free tuition, room and board for one month and graduated from with a Certificate in HIV/AIDS Counseling targeting the Deaf. We received nothing less than world class education at this college affiliated with the University of Manchester in the UK.

My one month training at KAPC was the best I have ever received. I say this because of my previous education at Daystar University. My lecturers did not lower or reduce our course load just because some of us could not cope with the Certificate in counseling. We had to follow the same curriculum laid down for normal students. In addition our interpreters used Kenyan Sign Language and were seconded by the Kenyan Sign Language Research Project at the University of Nairobi.

KAPC therefore did us a great service to the Deaf people in this country! They deserve praise for giving an opportunity to those who could not be accommodated by LVCT!

Like many desperate and jobless Deaf people I applied to LVCT for training and but we were refused. Even after we have received our Counseling Certificates from KAPC, we again appealed to LVCT to train us in HIV/AIDS Testing (Which we did not learn at KAPC) so that we could get jobs at VCT centres country wide. Once again we were refused. As a result many of us could not get jobs. Therefore those of us educated by KAPC and RATN are very lucky. If I could find a sponsor I would certainly study at KAPC until I get my PHD since Kenya Association of Professional Counselors offers training at Certificate, Diploma, Higher Diploma, Masters and PHD level.)

People living in glass houses should be the last to throw stones!

Thank you,

Albert M. Abdulkadir,
Awareness, Information Officer and HIV/AIDS Counselor,