Saturday, 27 January 2007

update on HIV/AIDS

Mzee Bubu got this comment from someone who don't say his name:


Good article. Correct me or add more, HIV/AIDS awareness seems to have begun with Kevin Henderson and his World Bank grant when he returned to Kenya and established the HIV/AIDS Awareness Project for the Deaf - Kenya with GRACE. Later on, apparently Kevin H displeased many Deaf Kenyans then abruptly left the project to go work for VCT-Liverpool. I understand VCT for the deaf was already established in BuruBuru, correct? Then another group joined forces with KSLRP and published sign language pamphlets about HIV/AIDS. From there, HIV/AIDs groups/projects for the Deaf seemed to mushroom all of a sudden. Kevin H left VCT-Liverpool for HI - rumours have it that he is not on good terms with the Deaf community so perhaps this is cause of "unnecessary competition" of HIV/AIDS prevention service. So much money are pouring in for HIV/AIDS prevention that people/groups get "greedy" and set up similiar programs which then fragment and fracture the deaf community.