Wednesday, 31 January 2007


Jambo everyone,

DeafAid will have a meeting this Friday 2nd February to look at book explain deaf roles etc and "approving the content of the materials for online resource". That mean Deaf Aid develop resources to support teachers in deaf schools to learn from internet website talk about deaf education deaf people etc. For teachers? Oh hearing teachers you mean, Jean Claude? Why not focus on KSL educational resources?

Your little boy Kevin Warnke is doing a good job develop that further. His idea, he very smart, he know deaf community 100000 times better than you, Jean Claude.

BUT BUT BUT you care more about your bright shine shoes that is never dirty. Maybe you can change your mind, get your lovely expensive lshoes dirty, focus what is needed. KSL CURRICULUM, KSL EDUCATION. KSL/ENGLISH RESOURCES example biology resources in two languages English and KSL?

Too hard for you, Jean Claude? You want only English. Oh you want deaf kids talk English only? OK we understand you.

No, we don't understand you. Why English? Why not KSL as well?

Deaf people who will go to the Deaf Aid meeting this Friday:

* Mzee Wango (KNAD Director)
* Washington Akranga (KSLRP)
* Rahab Mumbi Faike (Liverpool VCT)
* Joseph Ogola (KNAD Chair)

There may be more but tell Mzee Bubu at:

Mzee Bubu very glad happy that Mzee Wango is going becz he will be strong voice, say what the deaf community think.

Rahab Mumbi is the only deaf lady in the group, Mzee Bubu thinks.

Good for Deaf Aid they very serious inform talk together.


DEAF TEACHERS NEED HELP support too. Deaf Aid write in English English English English. Very little few in KSL, our true real language. We use KSL to teach deaf kids why English English English. Deaf Aid knows that. Maybe Jean Claude same as us, his English not very good oh bottom level English, he can feel same level as us deaf but no, he think he dont need us?!

We want hearing teachers get out of our primary schools for deaf children: we want 100% deaf teachers 100% deaf principals we want 100% positive teach atmosphere proud to be deaf, teachers deaf everywhere, teach deaf children.

Maseno School for the Deaf have 10 deaf staff: deaf teachers, deaf librarian, deaf cooks, deaf helpers. There is 3 deaf teachers. Good positive. Need more work. Humble Hearts School have 3 deaf teachers (2 from Machakos Teacher College) and a part time deaf teacher who teach KSL to parents there.

Global Deaf Connection help kenya develop more deaf teachers trained. Maybe there are 30 p1 teachers qualified now like some from Machakos Teacher College thanks to Joel, some from Kamagambo Adventist Teachers Training College (oldest college in kenya build in 1913 mzee bubu think) near Kuja thanks to Nickson. Nickson & Joel (both GDC) work hard see Kenya develop more deaf teachers. Whose idea? Mzee Wango. He is Kenya first deaf teacher many years ago. Wow.

Why Deaf Aid focus on hearing teachers? Do they say deaf teachers no good. Hearing teachers more important?

TSC and Minstry of Education and KISE must support development in deaf community by say all teachers in deaf primary schools must be DEAF DEAF DEAF not hearing who sign very bad. Hearing teachers most of them they sit in schools do nothing, get comfort wages their jobs safe thank you ignore deaf children's important future, bad bad.

Kenya Federation of Deaf Teachers is set up to support Deaf Teachers. Mzee Bubu very happy. Good group of people, want to see future change improve better education for deaf children.

Deaf teachers love love love love deaf children. They want the best for deaf children. Hearing teachers dont care, they just eat, eat and eat. They hit deaf children, laugh say you can't do that you are deaf!

Deaf Kenyans can do ANYTHING. We are not Kikuyu, Luo, Luhya, Masai, we are Deaf, citizen of an international community. Hearing teachers? They cry 'my tribe! My tribe!' Deaf no time for tribes. We want strong united same everywhere.

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mzee bubu belongs to kenya deaf community. all deaf the same together strong together.

Mzee Bubu speaks the truth and he want a strong, united, informed Deaf Community of Kenya!

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