Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Kevin Warnke's HARD FACTS - Deaf Aid

Deaf Kenyans,

Kevin Warnke of Deaf Aid replied now he explained everything. Up to you decide take believe or not. Mzee Bubu leave it for everyone see believe or not.

His answers:

KEVIN: Since the previous comment asks for specific responses, I will provide them now. First of all, I don't like it when Mzee Bubu says that I am brainwashed. This is an insult. I am an intelligent person who can make my own decisions and have my own beliefs. Please do not insult me. Please be respectful. Secondly, I'll respond to some of these claims individually.

**Jean-Claude is strong in oralism/He does not believe in KSL**

KEVIN: This is not true. Deaf Aid has eight ongoing projects here in Kenya. A resource center in Kisii, where parents have been taught ksl and students from the nearby deaf school have received some training in computers support the food program for the Gianchere School for the Deaf (near Kisii) an online resource center that will be reviewed by validation panel composed of deaf advisors encouraging cooperation among all stakeholders for the creation of a registry and certification process for interpreters that will be recognized by the Kenyan government. interpreters are expected to take control of this process as soon as the foundation is laid. empowerment of kise distance learning--putting materials related to special education online to make the information more accessible to teachers in training. the development of a ksl manual in collaboration with kslrp. this is designed to improve ksl instruction and facilitate individual learning. ksl early education in Kibera and kawangware for young children. improving their access to ksl at a younger age will help their intellectual development. a foster parenting programme to help send deaf children to deaf schools

***He cannot sign. No KSL.***

KEVIN: A year or two ago, Jean-Claude spent some time learning ksl from kslrp. he recognizes that his signing skills are still poor and need to improve.

***three deaf staff at Deaf Aid. A deaf cleaner
(wage poor 1000/ per month), a parttime teacher
and deaf volunteer from Norway. Bottom level pay jobs.***

KEVIN: Your facts are not correct. The deaf woman who cleans the office is paid 250/- for a half-days work. Many hearing women would do the same job at this rate or less. In one month, her salary is 2,000/-. Outside of the office, she is also hired by Jean-Claude to wash clothes on saturdays. She is paid 400/- per day. This is a normal wage in Kenya (above normal, actually). She has also been given a personal phone for communication and she will be given a hearing aid in the near future. The other teacher is a full-time teacher named Patrick who was recommended to Deaf Aid by Deaf Ministries International. (Patrick is the leader of the youth group at the Immanuel Church for the Deaf.) He is employed full-time. The third person is a deaf man named Duke, who is from Kisii. He is employed full-time at the Resource Center in Kisii. He shares responsibility for the resource center and recently trained deaf children for basic computer skills. Gro, the deaf volunteer from Norway, was volunteering at the Gianchere School for the Deaf. She has finished her time and has now returned home.

***he lie to marit, kevin and other people.***

KEVIN: When? If he has lied to me, please inform me.

***he ignore deaf community.***

KEVIN: Jean-Claude has not ignored the deaf community. He agrees that he needs to do a better job communicating with more people in the deaf community. It is an absolute lie to say that he wants to destroy and divide the deaf community. Deaf Aid does not feel that this situation is "a nightmare." This is a situation caused by poor communication. Deaf Aid recognizes that and is now moving forward to address these issues.