Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Deaf Aid's Kevin Warnke responding

Mzee Bubu got this from Kevin Warnke, a American volunteer at Deaf Aid.

"These are lies. Jean-Claude and Marit did not contact anyone at Liverpool to force Opiyo to apologize. Jean-Claude responded personally to Opyio's email. Opiyo himself decided to come to the office Monday to discuss ways that Liverpool VCT might be able to work with Deaf Aid. There conversation was friendly and respectful. I was there and interpreted the whole meeting. Opiyo is a smart, honest man. Ask him for the truth. I can't believe he would tell you these lies. Find the truth instead of publishing rumors and gossip."

Kevin Warnke isn't a paid employee @ Deaf Aid yet Jean-Claude and Marit use him as their shield against Kenya's Deaf community. It is unfair on him cuz he is a good man put in a very unwanted position, trying to make the Deaf community happy and protect Jean-Claude.

Mzee Bubu feels 4 Kevin big time! Mzee Bubu feels Kevin is a good man should not be inside problems started by Jean-Claude, weep weep.

Go home, Jean-Claude, no-one wants you!